Florabundance: February 2015

14 February 2015

By Terry Ombre Blackstar - Misty Rock & Bronze Moon

The Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks from By Terry had been on my beauty radar for quite some time thanks to a plethora of other bloggers singing their praises. 

Last month I was swatching away at the By Terry counter in Space NK and decided to buy one to try out. If the beautiful, heavily pigmented swatches were anything to go by then I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed. I went with Misty Rock and was so bowled over by it that I went back the other day and picked up Bronze Moon. 

The packaging is gorgeous. Gold metal sticks that feel pretty weighted and luxurious; you kind of instantly get the impression that you are getting your moneys worth with packaging alone. Is it sad that I feel happy just looking at how pretty they are on my dressing table? Hashtag beauty blogger problems.

The top swatch on the left is Misty Rock  - a beautiful taupe shade that definitely has a hint of purple to it. In good lighting it shines a beautiful shimmery mauve colour. Really flattering on my brown eyes, although I think this would look great on any eye colour. 

The bottom swatch on the right is Bronze Moon - a golden bronze shade that is universally flattering. This is great neutral that works well on it's own which makes it an easy everyday shade to grab. 

The Ombre Blackstar formula apparently contains an uber-smoothing Tahitian black pearl extract which means most of them have a brightening effect on the lids - this is down to the reflective shimmer particles. The texture is creamy and they are well pigmented. I find them easy to control but you need to blend quickly after application as it doesn't't stay creamy for long.  Once it sets and dries it will not budge, however it definitely feels natural and comfortable on the lids after it dries. I apply this at 6am and when I get home from work - anywhere from 4.30pm - 5.30pm - the shadow is still intact. Really impressive stuff! 

They retail for an eye-popping £28, but I can testify that they are well worth the money. 

Do you have any other shades to recommend to me? I can see a new obsession forming here... 

Lydia xox