Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss #13 Affriolant

12 October 2014

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss #13 Affriolant

Back in the very early blogging days I used to squeal over any and every new beauty launch. These days it has to take a majorly impressive product to get me excited over a new launch. And these new Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses are certainly impressive!

As soon as I heard about them I began scouring the web for swatches and reviews. Intrigued, I then headed to my local Chanel counter to see these babies in person. Oh boy, they are outstanding. And so they should be for the eyewatering £26 pricetag! I have to say the price did make me wince at checkout but they are utterly perfect for a special treat or even as a gift. 

The sleek, opaque black packaging is very luxe. You know you're getting luxury with Chanel and they have totally outdone themselves with this packaging.

My favourite thing has to be the unique click-open design. I know that it is just like the Rouge Allure Lipsticks but somehow a click-open gloss just feels very unique and special. It's not something I would have ever imagined using for a lipgloss but it totally works.

The doefoot applicator is a dream to apply with. It fits the lips just right and allows me to apply precisely with ease. I also think it holds just the right amount of product for one application so dipping back in to the tube for extra product is not required. 

Beyond packaging and the applicator, the product itself is also utterly fantastic. I've never used such a highly pigmented lipgloss before. In my opinion it almost feels like a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid but not at all drying like some other brands offerings. The texture is very smooth and feels lovely on the lips. However, it is quite sticky in consistency which I'm never too keen on but have to admit it does strengthen the staying power. I road tested it by going out for food wearing this yesterday and it stayed on very welll! Major brownie points.

Here's a photo of me wearing shade #13 Affriolant, a gorgeous mid toned pink with a hint of coral to it. I think this one is great for day and evening alike. (Excuse the rest of my face in that photo - had been caught in torrential rain!)

The colour range is gorgeous - I really struggled to just pick one shade. Some are the same as their existing lipstick shades (e.g. #19 Pirate, a stunning red!) and some are new. I'll definitely be picking another one up in the future and possible one or two as Christmas gifts!

Lydia xox

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