The Best Of: Cleansers

30 September 2014

The Best Of: Cleansers

Well hello there! It's always good to find a bit of blogging inspiration. I was thinking to myself the other day (as I was tidying up my bathroom shelf) that over the past few years I've become such a huge skincare junkie. How did that happen? I love cleansers and simply couldn't limit myself to just one these days. There are so many different types that serve very different (yet essentially the same?!) purposes. 

Here's my current picks -

MAC Cleanse Off Oil - great for an all in one cleanse. This removes all makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara. A total God send in a rush. I love this one for lazy evenings or traveling as I don't have to carry a separate eye makeup remover. Probably my most repurchased - this is highly recommended by me. 

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - this is a nice, gentle and non-offensive cleanser. Not brilliant at removing makeup so I reserve this one for mornings, a quick shower face wash or at the end of a no makeup day. 

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm - my favourite of them all! Perfect for a truly deep clean, I massage this on a to either a clean face or a face full of makeup and then remove with a hot face cloth. It works brilliantly and feels like a total spa at home treat! A 100ml tub lasts me months too which makes the £34 pricetag a little less painful. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - this is the next best thing to Bioderma in my eyes and it is a heck of a lot cheaper! I use this most mornings when in a rush or also on a late night to remove my makeup when I'm too tired to make it to the sink. Not ideal to cleanse with alone but it is better than nothing and does the job pretty damn well! 

What cleansers are the cream of the crop for you guys?

Would love to know. Second thoughts,  no I wouldn't - I'd only go and bleedin' buy them all! Hahaha. 

Lydia xox

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  1. I love the Emma Hardie cleansing balm and the Garnier cleansing water. Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser is amazing as well :)