The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer Review

12 July 2013

The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer Review

Hello everyone! Long time no blog. I haven't really been in the mood to blog at all the past couple of months but for some reason today I just had the urge! I have snapped a few photos and planned a couple of posts so hopefully it won't be radio silence from me yet again after this post...

The product I want to talk about today is Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm Cosmetics. Being a brand that isn't exactly well heard of in the UK, I was a little apprehensive to blindly order a product online but considering this only cost £15 from I figured it wasn't a huge waste of money if this turned out to be rubbish. 

As it turns out, this product isn't rubbish at all - it is absolutely fantastic! It is a gorgeous pale champagne toned highlighter that is incredibly pigmented. I am so so impressed! This has now replaced the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter in my daily routine - something I had used religiously for almost 2 years. That is quite a big feat in my opinion and speaks for itself about how great this product is. 

Below - a swatch from just one swipe. 

Below - how pigmented the powder is after one light touch. These photos totally speak for themselves hey!

I am so in love with this product, I cannot sing its praises enough. I strongly recommending trying it if you love a good ol' highlight like me. Some people might reserve something like this for a special occasion or a night out as it a little 'bam!' in your face but I personally love it and feel comfortable wearing it every day. I am always asked how I get my cheekbones to look so glowing - well this is how people! 

In regards to Dior Amber Diamond - yes I still love it but it creates the exact same results for me as the Mary-Lou Manizer so I will probably not repurchase it again as it is double the price! 

After a good experience with my first the Balm product I am now keen to try more - please let ,e know if you have any recommendations! 

Lydia xox

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