Nail Essentials

13 June 2012

Nail Essentials

Lately I have become a bit of a nail addict, I mean don't get me wrong... I've always had a ridiculous nail polish collection and I've always enjoyed doing my nails, however lately I have become obsessed! And although nail polish shades will come and go, I have some essentials that always stick with me and I thought that I would share them on my blog :)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat 
This is such an outstanding product, I can't believe it doesn't get more recognition. It works just as good as the famous Seche Vite, but for less than half the price! It makes my nails glossy and it dries them in an instant! I would recommend you limiting activity for around 2 minutes after application, however you are pretty much good to go straight away. Perfect for those last minute nail painting jobs!
I have to add that I think Sally Hansen makes wonderful top coats in general - I'm also a huge fan of Mega Shine.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener  
This product acts as my base coat and nail strengthener in one. I have terribly weak nails which peel very easily at the tips, but since I started using this product 6 months ago I have seen a major improvement! I can't imagine using anything else as my base coat now. 

Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen
I'm sure there are lots of good cuticle oils on the market, but for me this Nails Inc one is the best because 1) it smells amazing, 2) it's really compact and portable, 3) it soaks in very quickly. I like to keep one in my handbag to apply on the go, and one by the side of my bed to apply at night.

What are your nail product essentials? I'd love to know!

Lydia xox 

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