MAC Speed Dial Lipstick

14 June 2012

MAC Speed Dial Lipstick

You may have noticed lately that I am doing a lot of lipstick posts. I decided to start frequently blogging about individual lipsticks from my make-up collection because I personally find it helpful to find a blog post that is focused on a certain lipstick when I am researching whether I want to buy it or not. 

In the spotlight today is one of my favourite lipsticks, Speed Dial from MAC.

Speed Dial is a very interesting shade to me, because although it is undeniably a blue-based pink, it also has that golden sheen with a slight yellowness to it. I think this is what makes it so great - it can be wearable for people with either warm or cool skins - quite a rare quality for pink lipstick I'm sure you'll all agree. Usually I run a mile from baby pinks, but as I said, the unique undertone to this means I find it easy to wear. It also helps that this is the wonderful cremesheen formula, and so it feels comfortable on the lips, not highlighting any dryness or imperfections. The colour pay off is good, it is almost opaque but not quite - I went over it three times to get the opacity shown above.
 If I had to sum up the shade briefly, I would say bubblegum pink.

Have you tried Speed Dial?

Lydia xox


  1. You've pretty much sold that to me, haha! I shy away from baby pinks too, but this looks gorgeous and I imagine it looks lovely with your blonde hair!x

  2. I have Speed Dial also, it's one of those products however that I have forgotten about - might be time to dig it out. It's looks lovely on :)