Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review

22 June 2012

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review

This review is a bit of a tricky one - I have a sort love/hate foundation with the product in question. Back in early 2011 I bought my first tube of Silk Creme Foundation. I loved it instantly - great coverage, no SPF meaning it photographs really well, creme consistency meaning it feels comfortable on the skin, and it makes me slightly luminous and glowy. Things were going so well, but after about 2 months I found it just didn't work for me any more, it would look dry around my nose and forehead and I often found it hard to blend.  I would go back to it frequently - perhaps once or twice a month - just itching for me to fall in love with it again. When I had just about given up hope, this month I have totally fallen back in love with it - so here is my long overdue review!

The foundation is a gorgeous creamy consistency, which will glide on to your skin like a dream. It is very high in coverage in my opinion, and a pea sized blob is more than enough for a full face application. For the most natural look I find that applying it to the centre of the face with a Sigma F80 to begin with, and then dragging it out to the outer portion of the face works best. It ensure that no dodgy tell-tale foundation lines are present and it also helps you to not over do it and cake your face with too much product.

As for how it looks on the skin, I have included the photo above of me wearing it. I find it fairly luminous but not too shiny. I think it makes me look healthy but not at all like an oil slick! I love a luminous finish, however with this foundation I do feel it comes with a price - which is that it can feel quite tacky to the touch. I often feel like my hair can stick to my face a little in the wind if I don't lightly powder over it before leaving the house. I feel it is a great foundation for a night out or special events as it gives such a flawless look and contains no SPF so it will photograph nicely.

Finally, the shade range is a little poor. I currently wear the shade Creme Ivory - which I believe is the lightest shade available with a yellow undertone. As you can see from the swatch above, it isn't that light and I think people who are fair would struggle to get away with this. Although saying that, I have to say I find this foundation a bit of a chameleon. It matches my NC20 skin in the winter fairly well (a smidge too light perhaps), but in the summer if I tanned I can still definitely get away with this - it sort of warms up to match my skin tone. If I continue my love affair with this foundation, I intend to purchase my next tube in the shade Beige Ivory - after researching online I feel it may be a better match for me.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation currently sells for £33 and can be bought here.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this foundation if you are looking for a flawless base. However, I would say get a sample first as it is such a pricey product - plus, from my experience, Laura Mercier are very generous about giving samples away.

Lydia xox


  1. This sounds like the the kind of foundation I'm after right now, but I don't think it comes light enough for paley right here!! I've never asked for samples from Laura Mercier, the woman in the Cardiff one is absolutely useless but the NARS boys always help me out there haha! x

    1. Rose Ivory is slightly paler and pink toned I think, may be worth giving it a try! The older woman on the Cardiff LM counter is always so helpful and nice to me, it is the younger ones who seem to not really care about customers which is a shame. x