Travel Snaps: Vegas

5 May 2012

Travel Snaps: Vegas

I don't have much to show you in this post, as we spent just 2 full days in Vegas, so it was a short but sweet visit. If you have followed my blog for quite some time you might remember that I have previously spent 8 days in Vegas so it wasn't really necessary to spend so much time there this time around. We had heaps of fun regardless though!

Here's a photo of me on the lower balcony of Caesar's Palace - we were on our way home from their nightclub Pure. If you are looking for a cheap night out in Vegas I'd recommend not booking anything, and wait to be approached by people working for the hotel clubs. If you are a girl you can usually get put on the guest list with free entry and free drinks until 12am - pretty amazing!

Speaking of drinks, a Vegas must-do in my opinion is to visit a Fat Tuesday. They are located in various hotels and shopping areas along the Strip. They sell the most amazing, huge frozen alcoholic cocktails. We got a bit tipsy on our shopping trip one late afternoon drinking these!

As for shopping, my favourite place is Forum Shops at Caesar's. The place is huge, you could literally spend all day there - and we sort of did! It's also all indoors which is brilliant for escaping the ridiculous heat.

If you do like the sun however, a nice walk through The Strip is a great way to spend an afternoon. You get to catch some rays and everything looks just as nice in sunshine as it does lit up at night.

Here's me outside the Bellagio - a gorgeous hotel and I'm so glad we got to stay there! The fountain shows run every 30 mins - on the hour and 30 mins past the hour. It is always packed outside, no matter what time of day or night.

If you aren't staying near the Bellagio though, I definitely recommend going along to a fountain show in the evening - much prettier!

We also managed to fit in a small spot of gambling. My friend managed to win $200 on just a $3 bet - lucky!

Finally, the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio is a really nice place to wander through and take some pretty photos.

Et voila, my Vegas trip in a nutshell.

Hope you enjoyed this. Florida will be up next! 

Lydia xox


  1. Would love to go back to Vegas, been three times in 3 years. It's amazing, isn't it? You've made me want to book again x

  2. O.M.G I did not realise those fat tuesday drinks were alcoholic! Okay Fat Tuesday has now gone to the TOP of my list lol and you can buy them and just walk around with them? Ha that is illegal in Australia!
    I guess Vegas is the party capital though isn't it :P

  3. P.s. Love the photo of you out front of the swan, sooo beautiful. Put that one in a frame my pretty :)

    Did you find the Bellagio expensive? We looked up prices but it's a bit out of our range for 2 ppl so I think we're going to do an Alan and stay at Caesar's Palace lol