Travel Snaps: Los Angeles

4 May 2012

Travel Snaps: Los Angeles

Hi everyone! So I decided to do a little series called 'Travel Snaps' with photos of my recent trip to the US. I have over a 1000 photos from the trip and it is seriously so hard to sort through them so I figured breaking it up in to locations could make life a little easier for myself. 

Here's a round up of my time in LA... 

We stayed at a hotel in the lovely Hermosa Beach. It has a wonderful friendly vibe and a real sense of community. It is mostly filled with surfers - and we certainly didn't mind! The next beach up from Hermosa is Redondo Beach - the famous beach from Baywatch! 

Cute Redondo Beach sign!

Redondo is not just a beach though - it also has a gorgeous harbour called King Harbour. Here we are getting out pose on at the harbour.

Speaking of beaches, I cannot write this post without mentioning our absolutely LA favourite spot - Santa Monica! The pier and beach has an amazing vibe.

Santa Monica is also an excellent place to shop. We loved Third Street Promenade so much we went back multiple times! :)

One of my favourite parts of the trip was our visit to Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank. We took a tour which showed us around loads of sets - including CENTRAL PERK! I can now say my life is absolutely complete.

Here's a photo of me at The Grove - a gorgeous shopping complex near West Hollywood.  Definitely a must-visit for shopping addicts or anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity!

We dedicated a day to Hollywood itself, starting off with a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This also included the famous Chinese Theatre where all the hand and footprints are. Here is a photo of me posing by Marilyn Monroe's - hers are dated on my birthday which I was so excited to see!

We also squeezed in a tour of Beverly Hills. It cost just $25 and was well worth the money - we got to see so much that we wouldn't have been able to by ourselves. Here's me with the Beverly Hills sign :)

And of course we had to see the Hollywood Sign itself. A great tip is to go to the (free) observation area next to the Kodak Theatre - it has the best views of the sign if you don't want to treck up in to the Hollywood Hills themselves. 

Here's a snap of me indulging in a yummy cocktail at The Cheesecake Factory - you've got to check one out if you're there. We ate there LOADS!

Finally, you can't visit the West Coast without trying Pinkberry. I miss it already!

I hope you enjoyed this post - it has taken me ages to work on it because I literally have so many photos to choose from and put in order. In the 10 days we spent in LA we obviously did a lot more than this, but I picked out the best bits.

Up next will be Vegas :-)

Lydia xox


  1. Love these kinds of posts! LA looks amazing- really want to go!xx

  2. So jealous right now, Central Perk!! xx