Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation

9 February 2012

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation

Bobbi Brown's Extra Repair SPF25 Foundation is still a fairly new product on the market, and personally I have not heard very many things about it so I thought it could be useful to add my two cents and do a review.

The idea behind Extra Repair SPF25 foundation, is that over time it will help replenish and strengthen skin. I'll be honest though - that's not what sucked me in! My skin has been a little on the dry side this winter (very rare for me!) and the idea of a product was like face cream in consistency but provided me with decent coverage and some SPF seemed like a winning combination.

The foundation comes in a very luxurious jar, just like the skin care line - this is mostly likely because Bobbi Brown wants to market this product as more of a skin product as opposed to make up.

The shade range is excellent and I was very pleased with how the MUA matched me at the counter. She cleansed my skin and drew stripes of different shades to see which suited me the most. In the end we both agreed that 3 Beige was the best match.

How it looks in the pot - as you can see it is a very thick, creamy consistency. As someone that has normal skin with oily tendencies, you think I would run a mile! But in winter time, this is pretty much perfect for me - it nourishes my skin, does not emphasise my flaky patches and does not break me out. My only gripe is that the coverage is low and I find it hard to build - so this can only really be used as a day foundation for me.

Here's a photo of how it looks on me:

As you can probably tell, it is quite luminous. I only have Extra Repair on here with some blusher - no highlighter, no concealer, no powder. I find it makes me look so healthy with just the right amount of glow. It's a huge winner for me. I find the best method of application is with a bog standard foundation brush, but then blended out with your fingers afterwards to ensure no tell-tale brush strokes are present.

I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this if you are after a product that has more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. It would also work great for people with dry skin as it is very nourishing. The only downside is the price - it costs a whopping £36. I bought mine from John Lewis

Lydia xox


  1. Your skin looks lovely, such a healthy glow x

    1. thanks :) it's all down to the Bobbi Brown! xox

  2. I haven't heard of this but love the sound of it and how it looks on you.

    Nic x

  3. You have such gorgeous skin in that photo xxx