Florabundance: April 2011

29 April 2011

Recent Purchases... Chanel, Nars, Mac

Hello everyone! Sorry for being totally rubbish with blogging these last few weeks. I'm not even sure what my excuse is - how about a ridiculous amount of uni work? Yes, I think that might suffice!

Last week I managed to fit in a nice day of shopping in Cardiff with my mummy dearest. I decided to treat myself for Easter.. and treat myself I bloody did!

I am in love with everything I bought so I wanted to share it with you. I only tend to write haul posts if I like everything I've bought - just a little fyi.

I bought: (L-R) Nars cream blusher in Penny Lane, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, MAC Vegas Volt lipstick and a MAC lipliner from one of the new collections - god knows which one though!

Close up of Penny Lane - sorry it's already been swatched before I took this photo! I couldn't resist. It is just so pretty :) this is going to become a summer staple for me, in fact it already has now that I come to think of it. LOVE. If you are new to cream blushers then I totally recommend this - the application is full proof!

Close up of Vegas Volt - totally not something I'd usually go for as it is a sort of orange toned pink. Very bright but I love it. I bought this thinking that it would be something I could take on holiday - I love wearing a naked eye and bright lips with a tan on holiday!

Finally, some swatches of everything above. Top to bottom: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade B20, Penny Lane, Vegas Volt, Naked.

Whilst the two MAC products haven't been used excessively since I got them, I have to say I am totally loving the Chanel foundation and Nars cream blush - I think I have worn them both nearly every day since getting them.

A full review of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua to come soon. I won't review Penny Lane as I know it has been reviewed a thousand times - I won't bore you all!


22 April 2011

Happy Easter Weekend

Hello everyone,

Nothing of importance to say this evening really, I just felt like putting up a little blog post as I haven't for a while. I am snowed under with university work recently - I have my dissertation to finish off and countless other essays to do. Wahhh. This time of year really is all work and no play :(

Anyway, I wanted to wish you all a great Easter weekend. I am not religious in the slightest but I do love a good bank holiday weekend to catch up on lost sleep and rest :)

I will be spending my weekend with my little furbaby...

Isn't he just the cutest? He makes me a very happy lady indeed :)

And I thought I'd throw this photo in for the hell of it! I think I look like Boohbah. Me + dressing gown + bed =a large portion of this weekend!

What are you all doing this weekend?

Lydia xox

19 April 2011

Author I Love... Maggie Alderson

Hello everyone!

It's not often that I stray away from the topic of make-up and beauty products on this blog, but today I will make that exception for my absolute favourite author. I know some of you in the beauty community are big readers and have posted your own book reviews, so I thought those you who are bookworms might appreciate this post :-)

I first discovered Maggie Alderson in 2004 when my mum bought me Handbags and Gladrags for Christmas. I read it in less than a week, which is speedy for me! I loved it, it was the first book in ages that I hadn't been able to put down, and so I set about getting the rest of her books. These have all been read sporadically through the last 6 years so you won't be getting a full on review of each book I'm afraid. I mainly just wanted to bring attention to the author so you can go off and discover them for yourself.

What I love about Maggie's books is that the great detail on fashion and the detail of the locations her books are set in. But Maggie Alderson is not only an author, you see - she is a fashion journalist and former magazine editor. She used to be the editor of British Elle - which is coincidentally my favourite magazine - so you can see how she manages to use a lot of fashion details. This is a woman very much in the know! She has lived in both Australia and the UK, so this again all helps in her details of her book locations.

About a week ago I finished reading How To Break Your Own Heart for the first time, which I absolutely loved. By the end of the book I felt like I really knew these characters - and for me, the books that can do that are the best kind of books. I also loved all the details on London and Paris. A wonderfully written book that really made me feel for the main character.

Out of all of Maggie's books, I think that How To Break Your Own Heart, Cents and Sensibility and Handbags and Gladrags are my absolute favourites. But I do love love love all of her books, so if you spot them in a bookshop I really urge you to pick one up!

On a final note, Maggie has a new book out called Shall We Dance. It's not available in the UK yet though. Maggie actually told me herself on Twitter (which I was very excited about!) that she hasn't got a contract for it over here yet - but it is available in Australia. Fingers crossed it will come to the UK!

Lydia xox

17 April 2011

BeautyBay.com Order - Jemma Kidd Products

Hello everyone! On Friday afternoon I placed an order with BeautyBay.com and was pleasantly surprised that arrived the next morning - despite paying for just standard delivery! I am very impressed with the website after my experience with them this weekend and I'd definitely recommend them :-)

Onto the order...

I ordered two things from the Jemma Kidd Make Up School line - the Light As Air Spf 18 foundation and the Dewy Glow Radiance Creme in 'Iced Gold'. Both have been popping up in the beauty community recently I noticed, and I wanted to try them out for myself.

I absolutely love the Dewy Radiance Cream. Although I do think it is quite similar to MAC's Cream Colour Base in Pearl, however it's a bit lighter and less full on than the MAC one, and a bit harder to blend.
I applied this with my fingers on to my cheekbones and nose yesterday - as can be seen in the photo below. I applied it on top of my foundation and found it a little hard to blend in properly. That was soon sorted when I picked up my foundation brush and blended it out :-)

Just a little photo of my make-up yesterday. As I said, I'm wearing the dewy radiance cream, as well as the Light As Air foundation. I bought the shade 01 Ultra Light, and as you should be able to see it is quite a good match. I was torn between shade 01 and shade 02 but went with the lighter one as it is easier to bronze up your face to match your body as opposed to having a foundation too dark! I will probably buy 02 for the summer :-)

I will probably do a full on review of the foundation, but for now I will say that my initial thoughts are that I like it - medium coverage and very lightweight. I also think it makes me look fresher and awake.

That's all for now!

Lydia xox

11 April 2011

March Favourites 2011

Hello everyone! This is a bit late seeing as it's the 11th of April but seeing as I had the photos on my macbook, I might as well do a little post :-)

This month we have...

1. Dior Skin Forever Foundation - see my review here! As I have already reviewed it in detail, I will just sum this product up by saying it's a lightweight, medium coverage foundation which has great staying power. Love it.

2. Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice eau de parfum - I received this as a gift at Christmas and loved it, but I only worn it from time to time. The month of March really saw me reaching for this on a daily basis. I love this perfume for it's staying power, and it's not the girliest of scents which is a nice change for me.

3. MAC Pigment in Vanilla - this is something that has been in my make-up collection for quite some time. I used to use it as a highlight on my brow bone, but this month I've been wearing it over the entire lid. I think it looks great with just that and a flick of eyeliner.

4. MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick - again, another product I've had in my collection for a while but only now am I reaching for it consistently. March really was the month where I "shopped my stash" so to speak! Love this because it's quite a bright colour even though it's pale pink. I often mute it down with a bit of lip balm.

5. Clinique Moisture Surge - yes, this is what I chose as my free gift with last months Glamour magazine. I'm so glad I chose it too! I have used so many things from Clinique over the years so I wanted to try something new. Luckily, I really liked this product. And if it hadn't been free with Glamour, I'd have never thought to try it. Something that suggests a surge of moisture could be quite scary for a person with oily skin - but I find it very lightweight as it has a gel consistency. Perfect as a make-up base.

Et voile, that is my favourite for this month :-)

Lydia xox

10 April 2011

My Lunch Time Bargain

Hello everyone! I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. I spent the last week doing work experience with a PR agency in Cardiff, and it's safe to say the working world has truly taken it out of me. Tired is not the word!

On my lunch one day I popped in to TK Maxx and decided to be naughty and treat myself. I scored a great bargain and just HAD to share it with you all :-)

Let me start by saying I love the brand Nica. I think they have great quality handbags for a high street brand. I already own three handbags by them that I have paid full price for. Despite being a high street brand they are quite pricey, but I feel they are genuinely worth the price tag.

So when a Nica bargain like this came along, I couldn't say no...

Say hello to my new tan over-the-body bag! I'm not sure I'd describe it as a satchel but it is that sort of thing.

This little beauty was just £22.99 down from £55! Bargain-a-licous, if I do say so myself! There was nothing even wrong with it, I'm guessing it just didn't sell too well when it was in store. I personally think it's a very handy little bag which will be great for the summer - on holiday, for traveling or for festivals. I particularly like this style of bag for gigs, as I like to be hands free :-)

Check out the price tag!

This is how it looks back from the back - love the little zip pocket. So handy to put my train pass in there and such. I have already unclipped the butterfly charm though - little bit tacky or childish for my liking? Either way, I don't like it, but it was easily removed by unclipping it.

And the inside has a very cute pattern, as with all the Nica bags. I love the little quirky edge that comes with all of Nica's bags. It's nice to have something a little bit different :-)

So that is my lunch time bargain! Not much else to say except everyone go check out TK Maxx if you have one near you! We used to have one in Swansea, but it got replaced by a huge H&M about a yaer ago. I didn't really care for TK Maxx at the time but now I wish we still had one local. Boo!

Lydia xox