November 2011 Favourites

3 December 2011

November 2011 Favourites

Yay for December! I can't believe how fast November flew. I started a new temporary job and I have been crazy busy, so I apologise for the serious lack of blogging - I couldn't miss out on a favourites post though :)

So here are the things that have been used and loved throughout the last month...

1. MAC MSF in Triple Fusion (LE) - this MSF has been sat in my make-up drawer for months untouched, but after getting it out one day on a whim I realised how gorgeous it really is. I think I've used it every day since! It is in three stripes - one pink, one pale bronze and one pale gold - and this makes for a gorgeous cheek colour. It is like a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one. Bit of a time saver in the mornings, and I can see this sticking around in my every day make up for a long time to come. Such a shame it is limited edition, I'll be so sad when I hit pan!

2. Tresemme 24 Hour Body Mousse - I was sick to death of how limp and lifeless my hair had been looking, so I went to Boots on the hunt for a hair mousse. This is the first thing I saw and picked it up without really thinking twice - I'm such a hair mousse novice! I have definitely been loving this product though and I'm so pleased I pick it up. My hair curls a lot better when I've used this, and it also helps boost my root volume when I dry my hair upside down.

3. Sienna X Gradual Tan - this has become my new weekly self tanner recently. It smells very tropical, feels very moisturising and leaves me with an even, golden colour to the skin. I only like to look slightly sunkissed, so full on fake tan is not for me - I'm much better suited to a gradual tan, and this so far has been my favourite :)

4. Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in 03 - I've used this foundation on and off since April, but since buying a better colour match for me (I was using 02 but now have 03) I have been using it religiously! It makes me skin look healthy and I have had lots of compliments whilst wearing it - ding ding!

5. OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry - this is my red nail polish of choice at the moment. It's a gorgeous, deep red so I feel very festive wearing it. I mostly love it because it's a darker red though - no berry tones here! I feel like it works with a lot more outfits for me. As for OPI as a brand, I only have good things to say. LOOOOVE!

6. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Sensuelle - this line is described by Chanel as a 'luminous matte lip colour' and I actually think this is quite an accurate description. The lipstick feels velvety on the lips, appears matte to the eye but feels very moisturising indeed. The colour La Sensuelle is a beautiful dark red, it looks very classic and is an essential in my festive make up routine!

My favourite song of the month has to be an amazing cover/mash up from Glee....

It has been on repeat!

Lydia xox


  1. I too adore that mash up song! I really want to try the JK foundation - do you think it would be ok for dry skin? xx

  2. @Laura - it feels quite dewy on the skin so I think it should be fine for dry skin, it's definitely not drying anyway! I think FleurdeForce has dry skin and she is a fan :) xx

  3. I LOVE Tresemme hair products, seriously underrated! xx

  4. I keep reading rave reviews about this Jemma Kidd foundation I'm going to have to try it!!


  5. Oooh that OPI polish looks like the perfect red! And it would be perfect for Christmas (which justifies me buying it right.. ;)

  6. Great Favorites! I have been using the Mousse and absolutely love it!

  7. i really, really need to get my hands on some decent make up and stop using cheap shit, haha! Can't beat an Adele mash up! xx

  8. Triple Fusion sounds lovely!
    I've been tempted to buy Jemma Kidd Light as Air, but I'm worried about finding the right shade online. Is 02 the lightest shade?

  9. @Katey - 01 is the lightest shade, think there are 6 shades in total so a little limited!