Shellac 'Decadence'

20 October 2011

Shellac 'Decadence'

So today I had my first ever Shellac appointment and I'm very pleased :-)

I plumped for the colour Decadence - see below for stock photo and above for the colour on my nails :)

Decadence looks really dark in the bottle which is what I wanted it to look like, however it turned out more of a cherry red which I am equally as happy with - think this kind of red is so classic :)

The whole process took around 30 minutes - a lot quicker than when I used to get 3 Week Manicure at Nails Inc.
It also only cost me £15 - a hell of a lot cheaper than Nails Inc!

Now that I have had Shellac I don't think I'd ever think twice about going back to Nails Inc. Nothing against the company - I do love getting manicures there - but the 3 Week Manicure is pricier and it also weakened my nails over time from the buffing during the removal process.

I'm still a bit of a Shellac novice, so if you would like a bit more in depth information then I suggest heading over to Sarah's blog where she has a really informative post on Shellac and a post on the colours you can get.

Have you ever had Shellac? What colours do you recommend?

Lydia xox


  1. I thought it would be a darker colour too, I'm disappointed. But your nails do look lovely! Hope you enjoy your shellac! xx

  2. Your nails look gorgeous! Might have to look into this whole Shellac malarky.. I'm intrigued! x

  3. Whoa they are gorgeous, so shiny!