Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil Review

26 October 2011

Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil Review

I had planned to do an entire skin care post today, but then I changed my mind - you see, I'm quite fickle with skin care - I rarely repurchase products unless they have stood out to me.
Instead, I decided to put the spotlight on my evening cleanser of choice at the moment because it is definitely a product I'll repurchase.

"A healthier looking future for skin begins here. This lightweight, high-tech, hybrid formula with non-comedogenic Olive, Sunflower, Sesame and Safflower Oils removes dirt, makeup and pollutants with high efficiency.
Kukui Nut and Macadamia help protect precious natural moisture resources. Vitamin E helps reduce effects of environmental hazards such as irritation that can threaten the comfort of skin. Skin breathes freely. And the energizing aroma of Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon renew your spirits."

Wow, what a humungous product blurb with a plethora of claims and promises! Well, I can safely say the product itself lives up to them all.

I use the Origins Clean Energy every evening and it removes every little scrap of my make-up. I have used many oil cleansers in the past (Laura Mercier, MAC to name a few) but none of them remove foundation and eye make-up as well as the Origins version.

Oil is definitely my number one choice for make-up removal. For someone with combination-oily skin this might sound crazy to you, but using an oil is so gentle and effective at cleansing whilst also leaving the skin feeling comfortably hydrated. Despite having skin with oily tendencies, I absolutely hate any cleanser that leaves the skin stripped!

Another plus point for me is that it only costs £17 for 200ml of product. To some people, £17 might be a lot for a cleanser which I understand. But for me, £17 is a reasonable price point - especially when a bottle lasts so long! The photo I included above was taken this morning so you can see how much product I have used over the past month and a half. I think a bottle would easily last me 4 months! So at £17 a bottle every 4 months, it's not too bad right?

Origins are my favourite skin care brand and I'd highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already.

Lydia xox

Disclaimer: Product purchased myself.


  1. Great post, this is now on my want-list! My skin is soo oily so I tend to stay away from these kind of products but I really hate my skin feeling stripped too. xx

  2. This sounds great! I've always been interested in trying an oil cleanser, but I worry that it would leave an oily residue. Does this leave an oily film on the skin? My mum recently bought a few Origins products for me and I'm excited to try them :) xx

  3. I absolutely love origins - most of my skin care is made up of origins products, however I'm using Shu Uemura's cleansing oil which I love but is just too expensive to keep repurchasing, I'm definitely going to try this you use it similarly to the shu oils where you use water to emulsify the oil? Sorry for the book length comment!! xx

  4. @Joy - no my skin doesn't feel at all oily when I have rinsed it off and dried my face, but it does feel quite noticeably hydrated!

    @Nicola - I've not tried the Shu one to compare but I think I know what you mean! You apply the Origins one to dry skin and rinse it off with water which emulsifies it and turns it milky :)


  5. Totally agree, will never use any other cleanser! I just wish it had a pump!

    1. I know! But they are available to buy to purchase at Origins counters - I paid £1 for mine :)