Lush Christmas 2011: Magic Wand

3 October 2011

Lush Christmas 2011: Magic Wand

Calling all Lush Snow Fairy fans... prepare to get mega excited and squeal with delight!

I was wandering around Cardiff on Saturday after having a successful job interview, when I decided to pop in to Lush and treat myself. I thought to myself that I'd pick up a Butter Ball or two... but I was totally not prepared to see the entire Christmas collection out on shop floor! YAY!

What struck me the most out of this years collection was definitely the Magic Wand. It is a brand new addition to the beloved Snow Fairy line that comes out every year. I think people are going to absolutely nuts for the Magic Wand... my money's on a regular sell-out!

See it here in all its glory:

Isn't she purrdy?!

Lush says:

"A reusable bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam. This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bath.

The magic of this version is that you can wave your wand under the water until you have the amount of bubbles you want – then you just stash it someone safe to dry off, ready for when you next bath."

Now for the slightly negative aspect - it does cost a whopping £4.95! However, it is reusable despite dunking the whole thing in to the bath each time you use it - very impressive in my books that the bubble bar doesn't just shrivel up after water contact. According to Lush, you should get several baths from this, depending on how much bubbly magic you want in your bath of course.

Each use will leave you smelling of candy floss and pear drops. Baths don’t get more yummy or more girly than this :)

Are you going to be trying this? I will be stocking up for sure!!!

Lydia xox


  1. Lush products look so good you can eat them! Wish we had lush here :(

  2. @Carla - oh no that totally sucks! can you order online?