New Skincare Additions: Liz Earle

12 September 2011

New Skincare Additions: Liz Earle

Hello everyone!

Today I just felt like blogging, and it just so happened that on Saturday a Liz Earle package dropped through my letterbox. I take this as a perfect blogging opportunity, particularly because they are Liz Earle products that have not been in the spotlight so much as others!

Now we all know Liz Earle. If I have to watch one more Cleanse and Polish review I may literally pull my eyelashes out one by one (I kid...)! I have used Cleanse and Polish on and off for the best part of 2 years now, and whilst I like it I don't LOVE it. I have also gone through three or four pots of their face cream (combination skin version) and also liked it, but again never LOVED it.

So whilst everyone else is wittering on about the more popular products that never wowed me, I decide to scour the Liz Earle website and see what else was on offer.

Face Scrub...
I have began to dislike my St Ives more and more recently, as I feel it is a bit abrasive on my changing skin (it gets a bit less oily in A/W). So I plumped for the Gentle Face Exfoliator . The website describes this as a "gentle exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells and impurities for smoother, clearer skin. Contains purifying eucalyptus, softening cocoa butter and fine jojoba beads."
My thoughts so far: I have used this twice since getting it and really liked the effects. It is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling comfortably moisturised and soft. I think this is a great scrub because it really is so gentle and does not leave the skin feeling tight.

Face Mask...
I haven't really experimented with face masks much, I only really use Origins Out of Trouble mask and as it works for me I haven't ventured out. However, I'm about to run out of the Origins mask and don't want to fork out almost £20 for a new tube. This is where Liz Earle comes in.. at £13.25, the Deep Cleansing Mask is a bit more affordable for me! I also LOVE that it comes with two sponges especially created for this mask. I found it very intriguing and can't wait to report back to you all about it.
Liz Earle says of the mask... "Naturally active ingredients include green clay to draw out impurities, soothing manuka honey and propolis and rose-scented geranium to help tone and balance. Leaves skin balanced, calm and clear."

Have you used either of these products? What else do you love from Liz Earle?

Lydia xox


  1. This mask is amazing. I just blogged about it. Wouldn't recommend to the sensitive skin though.

  2. Thanks will check your review out now!

  3. I want to try Liz Earle products so badly! Im sure I would like them:)

  4. Thanks for sharing, I would love to find those here in the States.;D

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