New Make-Up Station!

30 September 2011

New Make-Up Station!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick little post today because I don't have much time but I'm too excited to not blog! Recently, as you probably know from previous posts, I've been doing a bit of a revamp to my bedroom back at home with my parents. My old furniture was basically too big for my room and left me with very little floor space, so it has recently been replaced! Yesterday we put together the chest of drawers, and it has now become host to my make-up collection... well, just the top of it and the top drawer :)

Here's a closer look at what I keep out on show:

On top it is mainly my necessities and every day products.

And here's a sneak peak at some of my make-up/perfume collection! If you would like a proper collection post then let me know - I might be able to manage it, although not sure how to go about it! That kind of stuff always works best with videos, eh?

I keep products separated with plastic trays and some of my old GlossyBox boxes! Makes finding things SO much easier, and prevents it from becoming a mess.

Next thing on my list is put the wardrobe together this evening and then my room is almost complete!

Where is your 'make-up station'?

Lydia xox


  1. Since my makeup obsession started only very recently I used to keep it all in one massive Clarins make-up bag. That got too small so last week I bought this massive box with different boxes inside it acting as dividers and I totally love it! I

  2. How do you manage to keep it all so well contained? All my stuff are strewn all over the house, lol! Well done, it looks great and very organised xo

  3. @Rin - it's only recently been organised so I haven't had a chance to let it get messy yet! I find that keeping my every day essentials separate helps me from rummaging around and messing the trays up!

  4. Mine is a big mess in comparison, but I can just about find everything haha! Love all the CC and CD logos I can spy in the last photo! xx