How I Grew My Hair...

24 September 2011

How I Grew My Hair...

After getting quite a lot of emails over summer from people asking how I managed to grow my hair out so quick, I decided to do a post to explain a few things and give some 'tips'. But I have to say - there is no easy or quick solution with hair growing, and most of my tips are nothing new.

Below is a photo of my hair right now (Sept 2011):

Here is a (gross!) photo of my hair length this time last year (September 2010):

And here is my hair in July 2008 (on holiday in Egypt!), when it was bleach blonde and would not grow:

Okay so now that the photos are out of the way, on to the good stuff...

As you can see, my hair has grown quite substantially in the past year but I honestly believe it is down to all the things I have been doing for the past year and a half.

1. Cut down the dye/bleach in your hair:
As you can see, I used to have white bleached blonde hair. I loved it, it was part of who I was and I found it very hard to make a change but it had to be done. In spring 2009 I decided to get rid of the white. I had a bunch of 'bronze brown' lowlights scattered through my whole hair to tone it down. Eventually, as the colour toned down I began to get highlights done instead of touching my roots up with bleach. It was a gradual journey that did take quite some time but I have to say it was worth every minute to get my hair the way it is now. These days, instead of getting my roots bleached every 6 weeks, I get half a head of highlights and lowlights every 8 weeks. The colour usually only touches the root too.
I think my change in hair colour is the absolute biggest factor in my hair growth.

2. Get your hair cut every other appointment:
Instead of getting my hair cut at every hair appointment, I now get it cut at every other. So instead of every 8 weeks it is cut every 16 weeks. This lets my hair get rid of all the split ends whilst also giving it a chance to grow between cuts. I don't believe in stopping getting it cut altogether - it will only make your split ends snap off, resulting in shorter hair anyway.

3. Wash your hair less often:
I used to wash my hair every day, which meant my hair got dried with a hairdryer and then straightened with my GHD's each day. NOT GOOD! No wonder my hair was fried. Now I wash my hair every 2-3 days. I use a gentle clarifying shampoo (Aveda Brilliant Shampoo in case you're interested) which helps me last longer between washes as it gives a deep clean and gets rid of build up. I also use dry shampoo when needed.

4. Limit the heat you use:
To begin with, I changed from straightening my hair every morning to just straightening it every time I had clean, freshly washed hair and leaving it off for the other day or two. For the past 6 months though I haven't even been straightening it all - maybe once a week at the most? Sometimes I use my Babyliss Waving Wand, but again it is a rarity. I have began to love my natural hair - it isn't as frizzy or wavy as I had once thought. I think this has come from the lack of bleach and extra hair length too! In that top photo of my recent hair, it has not been straightened - I'm pretty proud of that :)

5. Use a hair oil:
I'm as massive fan of hair oils! I truly believe that using Moroccan Oil on my wet hair every time I wash it has hugely helped get my hair in a good condition. I also use it on hair that's just been blow-dried to add shine.

6. Be patient....

And that is it! Like I said, nothing revolutionary or new but really there is no quick fix. Hope you enjoyed this post and it answered some of your questions.

Lydia xox


  1. Thanks for these tips! I always usually go from long to short in no time then easily regret it this time I've managed to keep it long and it's grown so much! I have to check out the aveda shampoo as I've been looking for a good clarifying one for ages.

  2. Nice blog *

  3. Agree with all of these , Ive cut out the bleach and GHD's and it has deffo grown ! xx

  4. @Penny and Lola - Bleach and GHD's are never a great combo eh!

  5. I am naturally dark and two years ago had a crack at the whole blonde thing. It dried my hair out so much and took ages for my hair to recover to its normal texture. I travelled Thailand for 5 weeks this year and my hair growth was amazing with the limited abuse. Heat is what stops my hair growing to trying to be good!

    Thanks for the tips :)


  6. Mine was bleached like yours last year and would not grow at all, infact it all fell out and most of the ends were snapping. Like you I'm not trying not to use heat as much and literally throwing treatment at my locks every few days and I'm slowly getting there!
    Great post btw, I love hair care advice


  7. good tips, i like the way your hair looks now. perfect! xx