Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette

8 September 2011

Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette

Recently I picked up some products from a Dior counter, a brand I haven't really dabble with much in the past, and I am really impressed with them.

I think I have tried just about every Dior mascara going, and I am absolutely in love with the Dior Forever foundation, but their eyeshadows are a territory I have never ventured in to before. This eyeshadow palette has changed everything though! I am so impressed and pleased.

For me, the Dior Earth Reflections palette is even better than the UD Naked Palette. Wow, that's almost like blasphemy in the beauty community right?! Well let me tell you why. For starters, it has all the neutrals I need in one little eyeshadow quint. It's small, portable and fantastic for travel. Sure, there is not as much choice as the Naked palette, but it covers all bases as far as neutrals go. If you are traveling or lugging this about in your handbag, what does it really matter - a neutral is a neutral right? That's my opinion anyway. I would never just casually pop the Naked palette in my handbag or dream of taking it on a weekend away!

But enough with the comparisons, that is not what I set out to do with this post. I just wanted to blog about this fabulous quint and let you all know how fabulously gorgeous it is!

Take a look... (you can click on the photos for a closer look by the way!)

Swatches taken in natural lighting...

The eyeshadow quint is part of Dior's iridescent range and therefore all of the eyeshadows are, well, iridescent, but more importantly they are butter soft and incredibly complimentary on the eyes. They are also like a dream to blend. A wonderful formula I have to say, pat yourself on the back Dior cosmetics... :)

What are your thoughts on Dior?

Lydia xox


  1. I've never tried any of the Dior eyeshadows- or much of their make-up range actually. This palette looks gorgeous- can't get enough of neutrals!xx

  2. Same here, but I am very impressed after this! xx