Loving... Diptyque Eau Duelle

2 August 2011

Loving... Diptyque Eau Duelle

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Today I'm blogging about the fragrance 'Eau Duelle' by Diptyque. You may have heard about this perfume from Tanya Burr , but I personally decided to purchase it after seeing Fearne Cotton say it was her current favourite. Yes, I am such a big Fearne fan girl, I know I know!

I ordered the 50ml bottle from Space NK for £48.

I bought this on a whim, without even smelling it in person (something I would never normally do by the way!), I just knew I liked the sound of it and it seemed like something I would love. Almost all of the reviews online desrcribed it as a strong, sweet, vanilla scent. Well let's just say, it's a lot more complex than that - at first I wasn't sure I even liked it!

As I am totally useless with describing scents, I will borrow the Space NK description to help you understand the scent a little better...

"A journey through shadows and light. Eau Duelle is a narrow escapade between gentleness and character. Vanilla with exhilarating spices are intertwined unleashing splendid blends. Combining top notes of pink peppercorn, juniper berry, cardamom and elemi with heart notes of frankincense, calamus and black ceylon tea and base notes of bourbon vanilla and vetiver."

So as the description shows, it is a very complex scent. To begin with, when it is first sprayed it smells heavy and spicy, with just a hint of vanilla. This is when I begin to feel a bit iffy about the perfume, thinking ooh this isn't really me. Then, as the perfume settles on your skin after about 10 minute, you can really start to smell the vanilla. It is sweet but not sugary sweet, and there is definitely still some spice present, but it is the vanilla that is most prominent. It definitely doesn't smell girly to me at all, despite how sweet it is.

This perfume only comes in eau de toilette, but it's safe to say this scent lingers ALL day long! A definite plus for me - I love perfumes that don't need reapplying. I can even smell this perfume on my clothes the next day.

At first I wasn't sure I'd ever grow to like this, but after 5 days I am officially hooked! I think this would be perfect for winter time too as it is so heavy. When I run out of this bottle I am sure to be buying the 100ml version, for just £20 more.

I am also tempted to try more of Diptyque's fragrances, but this will have to wait until I am in store - I won't be risking another blind online order!

Have you tried any of Diptyque's perfumes or candles? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Lydia xox


  1. OMG, I've got to try this! I own so many perfumes yet have never even sniffed any of Diptyque's scents! I'm getting all excited now, haha :D

    I love sweet, slightly spicy vanilla scents so I'm going to have to get hold of a tester somehow.

    Thanks for the review :D


  2. it sounds lush! and don't worry, I'm a complete and utter Fearne fan (stalker!) x

    ramz and the flock

  3. Ive never heard of it before, but it sounds good and the packaging is cute!


  4. This looks lovely, thank you for the review! x

  5. How funny, I was in Space NK the other day sniffing the Diptyque candles! They smelt divine, my favourite was the Mimosa one, so gorgeous and reminded me of Lush.xXx

  6. Hi just saw your comment on VIPXO post about Tory Burch flats where did you buy yours from? I cant find any less than £180 online!

    I'm very tempted to splurge on Diptyque!

    yourladyx.blogspot.com x

  7. loving your blog :) xx