I can always rely on Office...

16 May 2011

I can always rely on Office...

... to provide me with a pair of summer sandals. Year after year, I always get my summer sandals from Office. They tick all the boxes for great quality, comfort and style.

Last week I decided it was time to start preparing for summer, and I toddled on down to my local Office in a bid to scout out some summer sandals.

I chose these dusty/dirty pink (they came in black and brown too!) ones for £50. That is quite steep for high street, but I'm happy to pay that price as I know they will last. I rather one expensive pair than go through multiple cheap pairs! FYI I bought these in a size 4 so they are true to size.

Below: with flash (not that true to colour)

Below: without flash (more true to colour)

The back is a zip up. I usually find shoes that have a zip at the back never fit me because I have quite a high instep, and so the zip never goes up no matter what size I try on. But these beauties zipped up fine - yay!

Just wanted to share them with you all! I can't wait to wear these on my holiday to Cuba in July. I'm on a bit of a shoe-buying kick at the moment, as you may be able to tell. Plus, it's a bit of a seasonal ritual for me. In summer I have to buy a pair of sandals, and in winter I have to buy a pair of boots. They are like the staples of my wardrobe for each season so I believe in making a good investment!

Are you like me and do the same? Have you bought your summer sandals yet?

Let me know!

Lydia xox


  1. They're lovely. I too buy a new pair of summer shoes every year! I'm living in my Peacocks pair at the moment! x

  2. You're making me wanna go shoe shopping..these are soo cute! Office are fab for great quality shoes. One of my fave pairs have gone through so much - even a foam party - and have still survived!

  3. Cute flats, I need a new pair myself! Love the zip at the back xx

  4. Oooh those sandals are super cute, perfect for summer :)