Saturday Haulin'

26 March 2011

Saturday Haulin'

Hey everyone! I went shopping today with the girls and it was a very successful shopping trip indeed. With the Spring definitely showing signs it has arrived in the UK, I wanted to get a few new pieces of clothing. My wardrobe was looking far too dark and dreary for this Spring weather!

So here is what I bought :) it is very much a H&M orientated post by the way. Love a bit of H&M - not too cheap, not too expensive. I hate Primark, but sometimes I can't always splash the cash at Topshop or Zara and I find that H&M is a nice middle ground. Anyway... here goes..

This lovely floral top was £7.99 and it looks way better on the body than it does the hanger! It has bat wing sleeves and is oversized and floaty, but it becomes more fitted as it hits your hips. I love this style, my wardrobe is definitely dominated by loads of similar tops to this right now. I got this in size medium for reference.

I picked up this lovely long cardigan for just £14.99 - I can't quite describe the colour though. The photo is not showing it's true colour - it's more a pale camel colour I think? Anyway, I bought this because I only own black, grey and navy cardigans. All far too dark for the new season! I got this in a size 14 rather than my usual 12 as I like them to be quite baggy.

Finally, the last thing I picked up at H&M today was this floaty racer-back top, for £5.99. I bought this to wear under another top I have to wear to a university event on Wednesday, but thought it would be nice to wear over a bikini on holiday or paired with leggings for the day time. Nothing special, just something basic.

I actually bought this top from H&M about a week or so ago. I had to include it in this post because it is just so lovely! Love the colours - all very 'me'. It cost £19.99 and I have worn it loads already! I bagged the last size 12 and I have a feeling these have been flying off the racks.

Finally, I picked up this Tresemme ceramic round brush from Boots for £7. I want to reduce how often I use my GHD's so I picked this up in a bid to achieve a better blow dry. Haven't tried it yet but will keep you posted if it's a success :-)

Lastly, here's a DailyBooth photo from yesterday. All this lovely weather is making me want to crack out the Strawberry Brothers cider. Yummy! :-)

Have a good weekend guys,

Lydia xox


  1. love the first top, i keep eyeing it up on the website!!xx

  2. ooo let me know how you get on with the tresemme brush!x

  3. Ooh you bought some fab things. Strawberry cider... mmm sounds yum! xx

  4. Great haul, you got some lovely bits. xx

  5. Ha, I had that cider last night, It's lethal!!!

    Sarah xx

  6. aww you look so glowy in the photo pretty x

  7. Love the cardi! great buys :) xx

    I'm having a mini giveaway if you wanna check it out! :) xx