Lisa Taubes 42" Rose Gold Necklace

10 March 2011

Lisa Taubes 42" Rose Gold Necklace

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing ok.

About two months ago I ordered the 42" Rose Gold necklace by Lisa Taubes from Lorraine at :-) I ordered it because I wore my silver version to death over the past year and wanted to mix it up a bit. Plus, it's nice to have something that matches my rose gold Michael Kors watch!

I thought I'd blog about it with some photos because according to my stats, my previous Lisa Taubes post is my most viewed of all time. It seems a lot of people get to the post from Google, so hopefully this post will be just as useful for you guys :-)

Above is how I usually wear the necklace - I personally think it looks the best like this, doubled once.

Above - with the necklace worn long. I think it looks nice like this but it's quite a pain as it can get caught to stuff. It's so delicate, I wouldn't want to accidentally pull it and break it! Not that I think that it is in any way poor quality, but it is just so dainty.

Close up of the necklace in my hand, taken in natural light - a good representation of how the rose gold really looks, I would say.

Do you have any Lisa Taubes jewelry?

I highly recommend - such simple pieces than can be worn with everything!

Lydia xox


  1. loveeeee it!! Looks so pretty against your skin tone hun!! xx

  2. It is so beautiful!! I love it!

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