Kerastase Resistance Strengthening Duo

19 March 2011

Kerastase Resistance Strengthening Duo

Hello everyone! Bit of a late night post from me before bed. I had these photos on my computer ready to do a review so thought why the hell not eh :-)

I bought these products in early January from - click here - and I have been using and loving them ever since.

In the duo you get Kerastase Bain de Force shampoo (250ml) and Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure. I love both products so much, but really it is the Ciment Anti-Usure that I feel has done the most for the condition of my hair.

"The ultimate duo for weakened hair, the Kérastase Strengthening Duo combines Bain de Force and Ciment Anti-Usure, two best-selling products from the Resistance Force range. Your weak, fragile hair will be left full of body, vitality and improved strength."

Since January, I have used just one bottle of the shampoo which amazing. I am half way through my second bottle of the conditioner, which for me is great too. These are pricey but I feel if they will last this long then it makes up for it and makes them worth the money.

I don't have much to say about the shampoo except that it does its job and it does the job nicely. It smells great (quite fruity?) and cleans my hair well. It also makes it feel soft, as opposed to some shampoos that leave your hair quite rough until conditioner is applied. However, I don't feel this is a necessary must-have product like the conditioner, but I do like to have the matching shampoo to my desired conditioner :-)

The Ciment Anti-Usure on the other hand is a fantastic product. It is a leave in one-minute conditioner which you use just like any other conditioner - only you must leave it in for one minute rather than rinsing instantly. When I first applied this conditioner it didn't feel very special, but once I rinsed it out and the water hit my hair I could feel how silky it had made my hair. My hair is the softest I have ever felt it when I use this product. I seriously believe it has made my hair healthier too, not just a product to coat my hair and make it look healthy.

Above you can see the condition of my hair. This photo was taken about 3 weeks ago, and since then my hair has grown even more.

This haircare system will be with me for a long time I imagine. I have every intention to keep repurchasing, as I have seen such great results from them.

If you have weak, damaged or really dry hair then I would highly recommend these products. I have been on a journey with my hair for nearly two years now - going from very damaged and rather short bleached blonde hair - and along with Moroccan Oil these products are what have made the biggest improvement to my hair.

Cannot sing their praises enough.



  1. I bought these from my hair dressers when my hair was in really bad condition and I loved them, they really are an amazing combo, I'm just skint at the moment :( haha x

  2. You hair looks soo freakin healthy and shiny!!! And SO LONG!!! Gorgeous as always :) x

  3. omg wow your hair look supper shiny and lovely x

  4. I've never invested too much in haircare, but it looks like it might be worth stepping away from the Boots offers. My hair could really do with the TLC. Great review

  5. I don't really put much care into my hair but reading your review makes me want to run out and buy this!

  6. must try something to strengthen my bleached hair xxxx

  7. Can't recommend Kerastase enough seriously girls, especially if you hair is damaged! :)