Purple Nails

12 February 2011

Purple Nails

Hello! I have been loving purple nails recently so thought I would share with you all what is my favourite right now.

I have a range of purples in my collection but the one I'm particularly loving right now is OPI The Color To Watch. I love it because it's very metallic and is a bright polish without looking too crazy. It is very sheer though - took 3 coats to look opaque.

I like to do the glitter accent nail with Sephora by OPI - It's Bouquet With Me, which I picked up when I was in America last summer. I always use that polish for the glitter nail when I am wearing purple polish - it just looks gorgeous :-)

With flash:

Without flash, in natural light:

Left - OPI The Color To Watch, Right - Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me

What colour nail polish are you loving at the moment?

Whilst I am still on my purple kick, I will be painting my nails with OPI Pamplona Purple tonight :-)

Lydia xox


  1. Oh the glitter is gorgeous. I am really loving glittery nail varnish at the moment :). x

  2. Ooo Very pretty hun!!! I feel like painting my nails purple now haha

  3. I love the added glittery nail! Very pretty. x

  4. I love 'The Colour To Watch', I really want to find a dupe as I just can't afford OPI. Very pretty combination, I love it! xx

  5. @Emma - OPI is quite cheap if you buy it from America on ebay. I pay around £4.50 a polish (including postage) so it is actually cheaper than some high street brands e.g. Models Own.
    :) xx