Lush Haul

22 February 2011

Lush Haul

Hello everyone! I did a little shop at Lush last week and have been meaning to post it for days because I am just so excited about everything I bought :-)

When I worked at Lush I bought stuff there on a weekly basis, sometimes more, and my collection was overflowing. Now when I do a haul it is really exciting for me because usually I haven't done it in about a month or often longer.

Most of the stuff I picked up this time was from the Valentines collection. I went in store after V-Day so was surprised at how much stuff were not sold out yet! Yay for me.

I bought:
  • Happy Blooming Bath Melt - the only thing I got which wasn't from the V-Day collection. I love this bath melt - particularly because it breaks in to 3 pieces. I also love the cherry scent! It is packed with ingredients that are good for the skin. It leaves my skin feeling so soft :-) always a massive bonus with Lush products in my opinion.
  • It's Raining Men Shower Gel (250g) - after hearing how gorgeous this honey-scented shower gel was, I just knew I had to have it. When I saw that Lush claims it is the same scent as Honey, I Washed the Kid It I was already sold on it. And it seriously smells so yummy - it really did not disappoint :-) I'm already worrying about what I will do when it runs out. I wish I had got the super huge bottle!
  • 2x Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar - I loved these so much last year that I knew I had to pick at least two of these babies up! The strawberry and vanilla scented bubble bars smell just like vanilla ice cream mixed with Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel - which I love and am so sad they have discontinued!
  • Frog Prince Bath Ballistic - This smell didn't particularly tempt me but I just had to get it because I found the nose made out of cocoa butter really interesting. It definitely added a bit of moisture/oil to my tub when I used this, and it smelled quite fresh so I was a happy camper. The frog price piece of paper inside (photo below) really tickled me too :-)

Hope you enjoyed. Out of all the products, if you can get your hands on the It's Raining Men shower gel I highly recommend it :-)

Lydia xox