Origins Starting Over Review

23 January 2011

Origins Starting Over Review

Hello and happy Sunday everyone!

These last few months has seen a huge love blossoming between me and Origins. I seriously can't get enough of their products, and have so many Origins products I want to blog about. Instead of doing another boring skin care routine post, I thought I'd do them individually.

So this review is about Origins 'Starting Over' Moisturiser - I use the oil free version, so can't vouch for the original but I would assume there isn't too many differences.

This face cream is pretty groundbreaking for me. I know you are meant to use a moisturiser every day and night, regardless of your skin type, but having oily skin meant that I would also refrain from using a moisturiser at night - thinking it would make my skin greasier and spottier. Most moisturisers I had used left me feeling too greasy at night. That was of course until this little pot of goodness came in to my life. I had asked for this as a Christmas present off my auntie, it set her back around £32 (the price has since gone up to £35) - which is steep, but had it not been a gift I still would have forked out for it myself. Having had such a good experience with Origins in the past, I was confident I would like the product. And thankfully I did!

Why I like it: it has a very light consistency which doesn't make my skin feel greasy, it sinks into my skin effortlessly within seconds and leaves my skin feeling comfortably hydrated. It provides a fantastic base for make-up. It hasn't caused me to break out in the whole month I have used it for - this includes 'time of the month', which is a miracle!

What I don't like about it: The price is an obvious downside, at £35 it is steep. However - if product works well for me, I don't mind paying that kind of price. Plus, this 50ml tub barely has a dent in it after being used twice a day every day for a month. See above for how much has been used up - it's hardly nothing! This is sure to last me a good few months.

Would I repurchase? Most definitely!

You can buy Origins Starting Over here

Lydia xox


  1. I'd really like to try this but I just can't justify the cost at the moment *damn mortgage* I'll definitely pop it on my list though for the future! xx

  2. I just bought the Vitazing but I'm curious about this moisturizer as well..Origins has some good stuff! I used to love their mint shampoo :)

  3. Great review!

    I'm still yet to try Origins, but I think after I've finished off my Sarah Chapman moisturiser, I'll probably try this one. Yeah, the price is a little steep but it's worth it if it actually works! xx

  4. @Ella - I love Vitazing too! This moisturiser is great for night time though, as you wouldn't want to be using Vitazing at night eh?! Haha x