Moroccan Oil Review

7 January 2011

Moroccan Oil Review

Today I'm doing a long overdue post - my review on Moroccan Oil. I absolutely love this stuff and it has definitely been my standout product of 2010.

I know many people use this and love this, and I know many people haven't and are keen to hear about it or try it out themselves. So I hope you enjoy my review :-)

What Moroccan Oil says...

'Moroccanoil has unique quality of instant absorption into hair, creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving residue.'

Direction for use...
For healthy looking, smooth and striking shiny hair, apply a small amount throughout damp hair, style as usual.

Before Moroccan Oil I used Chi Silk Infusion, which did a good job, but of course - curiosity got the better of me. At £29.95 a bottle, I did take some time deciding whether to purchase it or not. To me healthy hair is such a huge goal and I thought why not give it a try. Let's just say it is definitely worth the investment! Plus it does work out to quite good value. I bought this bottle in September, and so far have used about one quarter of the bottle. That's 4 months usage, and only 1/4 has gone. So if I calculate right, this bottle should last over a whole year before I need to repurchase. When you look at it that way it isn't so expensive after all :-)
At first I was skeptical of using an oil on my hair, incase it made my freshly washed hair greasy. Thankfully, it doesn't weight the hair down at all. My hair definitely feels more conditioned and healthier, but the fact that there is oil in your hair is totally undetectable.

I use a small amount, just slightly bigger than pea-sized, and work it into my damp hair from the mid-length to ends. I then use what's left on my palms to go on the top of my head - fringe and shorter layers. My hair instantly feels healthier and the scent is amazing. I can't stop sniffing my hair once it's on. The scent does fade when my hair has dried though, sadly.

Below: my hair after it's been dried, with Moroccan Oil used on it. Shiny!

Why I like this product: it makes my hair incredibly shiny, which is hard to come by for blonde hair. I also feel like it isn't a quick fix, to synthetically coat my hair and make it appear healthy. I feel like this product has truly made my hair healthier. This is considered a 'treatment' after all.

Would I repurchase: Absolutely! I couldn't be without it now that I have used it.

I bought Moroccan Oil from for £29.95

Lydia xox


  1. Wow your hair looks great! Thanks for this review, I was wondering if this product really lived up to all the hype. Thanks!

  2. For me, it definitely lived up to the hype :)

  3. Wow- it looks so shiny! I know what you mean about blonde hair struggling to look shiny. May have to give this a try xx

  4. your hair looks so healthy & shiny!! I've been lemming this for a long time now!! xx

  5. Your hair looks incredible here. I may have to give this a shot. I know what you mean blonde hair is way harder to get to shine that brunette hair! x

  6. does moroccanoil have an expiration date?

  7. Blonde hair isn't generally shiny because it contains very little melanin (pigment) and light needs pigment in order to be reflected off the hair. The darker the hair the more pigment and so this is why black and dark brown hair is so much more shiny than blonde. But products like this are GREAT at enhancing the tones in the hair and flattening the surface to boost shine.

    I am in total product LOVE with this stuff and, as a hairdresser I would recommend it to anyone. Even for fine hair. As for the price, it IS dear but you only need the TEENIEST bit so one bottle will last FOREVER!

    PS. I dont know how true this is, but I've also been told it is good for helping to restore thickness in the hair after pregnancy or similar (although i would not put it ANYWHERE near the scalp unless you want to look like an oil slick)

  8. Yes it does have an expiration. Look for it on the back or at the tippy top of the packaging. It won't do much good after the date or post shelf live.