Look Back at 2010

4 January 2011

Look Back at 2010

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great NYE and a great start to 2011. I have returned home today after spending New Years with my housemate in her hometown. It was great - bit of a pub crawl and nice to have different scenery.

I thought it would be nice to do a look back on 2010 post as my first post of the year. This is very picture heavy though so I do apologise. Some months had more going on than others, so again - I apologise!

This post is a lot more personal than what I would normally post. However, it's just a one off -something for me to look back on in the future.

2010 was a fantastic year, particularly because of things such as going to America alone for a summer. On the other hand, 2010 was sad because I lost my childhood pet who really was my best friend. Either way, I'm embracing 2011 with hope for more good times and less bad times :-)

January 2010:
Back to university, back to the grind. Lots of nights out were had after the exams. Here's a photo of me at the 'back to school disco'. Classy.

Started to grow my hair out and fell in love with hair flowers. February was a very boring month - hardly any photos taken. I don't even have any February memories - shocking!

March 2010:
The second semester of my second year of uni was already ending. The beginning of March saw me spending a lot of time with my friends from home - here is a group shot from my friend Aimee's 21st.

March wasn't the happiest month. On my first day home of the Easter break, my cat Amy had to be put down. I don't think a day has passed where she hasn't crossed my mind. I had her since I was around 6 or 7, that's nearly two thirds of my life. She's so dearly missed.

March did bring one good thing though - it brought the most beautiful, loving kitten into our home. We couldn't cope not having a cat around the house, so we got a new furbaby. Here is a photo of my little Alfie :) he has grown tonnes now but he is still just as gorgeous and charming! My little man - he has definitely been one of the highlights of 2010 for me.

Varsity is always the highlight of my student year. It's the varsity between Swansea university and Cardiff university, and it's always a great day out. Followed by a very drunken night out, of course! This year Swansea won the rugby so it was cheers all round :-)

I seem to have taken very few photos in May. Must have been a quiet month, and I think I know why - dreaded exams!

When me and two of my housemates finished our exams we treated ourselves to giant fishbowl cocktails from TGI Friday's. Nom - look how yummy they look!

The end of term looms. Lots of stuff happened in June. But to kick it off was our university's annual Summer Ball. Florence and The Machine headlined - it was fantastic to say the least.

Below - group shot before Summer Ball, all but one of my housemates are here :)

June then saw me pack up my case and jet off to America for the summer. The most exciting and terrifying thing I've ever done.

I worked at a children's summer camp in Boston. Met some wonderful people and had a blast.
Here's a group shot of all the staff on our last day of camp :-) good memories.

Me and my friend Gina. One of the best camp friends I made - we bonded over beauty blogging and the YouTube beauty community - what a coincidence that was. Miss you Gina!

Summer also saw me take a couple of trips to New York. Being based in Boston meant it was only a 4 hour bus ride there - so why not make the most of it eh! I loved my time there. I could visit New York over and over, if I had the chance...

And to end my summer, I had a weeks vacation in the city of sin - VIVA LAS VEGAS!

It was the perfect end to a perfect summer.

Back to university for my final year *tear*. Freshers fortnight madness - two weeks of non stop partying.

Here's me with two housemates - and two of my best friends EVER. If university will give you anything, it's friends for life.

My auntie celebrated her 50th birthday. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of summer, she is 100% fine now but at the time it was such a relief for me to see her on her birthday and see her looking so well. She even kept her hair as she used the cold cap - amazing.
Here is a group shot of my nearest and dearest :-) a big highlight of 2010 for me.

October was the month I became obsessed with Ebay. Here's my £4.99 bargain Topshop shoes. Love it.

And of course, October means Halloween!

November was very quiet indeed. I had a tonne of assignments to do and that meant very little blogging/nights out/photo snapping!

Ah, December.. the most wonderful month of the year.

Christmas tree went up on December 1st, looking all pretty :-)

The middle of December saw a crazy amount of snow.

It also saw our Winter Ball. Great night. Very sad it's our last one as students.

And finally - NYE. This photo was actually taken in Vegas in summer if you're wondering how I got so tanned haha! I just thought it was very NYE appropriate.

Et voila, that was my year in photos.

Hope it wasn't too long and boring for you all. I enjoyed making this post so that's all that matters eh!

Lydia xox


  1. nice summary of the last year :) so happy new year ^^

  2. just found your blog, great post.

    sad to hear about your kitty, the same just happened to me, had my cat since i was 8.
    the new little one looks gorgeous though,is there anything cuter than a kitten? i know what you mean about missing having a cat

    going to carry on reading some of your older posts now :)