Florabundance: December 2010

30 December 2010

What I'm Loving... Top Knots!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and had a great holiday, whatever you celebrate.

Recently I've been loving wearing a bun/top knot. I know it's become quite popular recently, and whilst I'm not brave enough to wear it out on the street - I do wear it nearly every day. When I get in from uni or wherever I've been, I like to get my hair off my face - so I just pile it up on top of my head and secure it with a thin hair band.

It's really simple, great for working out or chilling out.

I also wanted to say my new camera got here today and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Expect a Christmas post from me later on :-)

Lydia xox

27 December 2010

Christmas Limbo

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a magical Christmas and Santa was kind to you. Mine was just perfect.

I love Christmas time, especially these few days in between Christmas and New Years - I am in total Christmas limbo. Lots of lazy days, which brings me onto my topic of this blog post - HOW AMAZING ARE SNUGGIES?!

I got a pink snuggie off my mum for Christmas - something I'd wanted for ages but never thought to ask for. It was my favourite surprise present I think! I've been slouching around in it for 2 days now and love it so much.

I also have lots of DVD's left to work though - here is just a few of them!

And here is me and Alfie having snuggles, a regular occurrence but I took this one on Christmas eve :-)

I do plan on eventually doing a post on some of the things I got for Christmas. Unfortunately, my camera broke on Christmas morning. Perfect timing - NOT! Although I suppose at least I have Christmas money to buy a new one. It's just not something I was expecting to have to splash out on. Anyways - I'm getting a Pansonic Lumix, which I've been lusting after for a while. I suppose my camera breaking has just been a kick up the butt for me to actually buy it.

Enjoy your Christmas limbo lovelies,

Lydia xox

24 December 2010

My Christmas Eve Look

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas Eve and are feeling festive :-)

I'm just about to leave the house to go and see my best friend and thought I'd do a little post for you all!

Hair curled with the curling tongs I blogged about in my last post! :-) they are amazing

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation
Chanel loose powder in #20 Clair
Chanel Bronze Universal applied with Body Shop Kabuki
Benefit Coralista Blush

MAC Vanilla Pigment (all over lid)
MAC Silvering E/S (outer V)
MAC Brule E/S (highlight)
Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner
MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara in black
Benefit Speed Brow

Haha here is my posing with my LookFantastic order that got delivered just as I was taking these photos! Very impressed with their delivery - I only ordered it on Wednesday night so for it to get here today - on Christmas Eve - is pretty damn good :-)

Hope you all have a great Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas to you all for tomorrow!

Lydia xox

21 December 2010

Snow Snaps!

Hey guys, thought I would share with you some of my snaps from the snow we've had in the UK recently :) thought some of my non-UK followers might appreciate them!

My back garden looking very snowy indeed

And the snow continues to fall...

A little posey snap of me. I braved the snow for a mere 5 minutes on Friday! Way too cold!

Alfie was definitely not feeling the snow. Haha love this photo of him - such a cutey :)

And here is the view from my living room window.. you can't even distinguish the road from the pavement!

Just a short but sweet post..

Lydia xox

20 December 2010

Big Curls and Pink Lips!

Hey everyone! Today is the first day I've managed to get out of the house since Thursday, because the snow has been so bad where I live. So to stop myself from going crazy, today I went shopping :-)

I bought a jumbo curling tong from Boots and Revlon's Colourburst lipstick in 030 Fuschia. I have just tried them both out - LOVED them so much - and I'm so excited so I'm blogging right away!

Here is how my curls turned out :-) the barrel is 32mm which makes it quite chunky compared to most curling tongs. I wanted a jumbo tong because my slim tongs were producing curls that were way too tight. I'm definitely NOT a ringlets kinda girl haha.

You can check out what tongs I bought here!

The tools used: Elnett hairspray and tongs! Simples!

And in all the photos I'm wearing the new Revlon lipstick. Absolutely love it - it's so moisturising and that perfect deep pink. Bright but not too bright.
There are plenty of hot pink lipsticks on the market though, so why is it so special? Well. Most dark lipsticks I wear (mostly high end - Chanel, Illamasqua) - they always end up smudged over my mouth after eating or drinking. Today I ate my dinner and downed a glass of water - looked in the mirror and the lipstick hadn't budged. In my books, this makes it a winner! Definitely one to wear out on a night out or to a meal :)

Anyway, that is all for now :-) hope you all had a good weekend.

Lydia xox

16 December 2010

Winter Ball 2010

Hi everyone! I had my university's winter ball on Monday night (or Snow Ball as they like to call it..) and thought I would show you what I wore.

These are just bad quality photos I took with Photobooth - sorry about that, I was running late!

Wearing OPI Let Me Entertain You nail polish from the Burlesque collection, sipping on a glass of Rose wine, and wearing:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20
Chanel Poudre Universelle in 20 Clair
Benefit Coralista blush
Bourjous felt tip eyeliner
MaxFactor Masterpiece Mascara in Black
Eylure Girls Aloud lashes in Kimberly

Here's a crappy shot of my outfit... red dress was a bargain from New Look (£15!) and cardigan is from H&M (£9.99) - for some reason I look pretty huge in this photo but I promise you all I'm a size 12! Haha!

And finally here is a group shot of me and some of my housemates :) they all looked gorgeous!

Hope you like this,

Lydia xox

15 December 2010

Products I've Been Loving Recently

Hello everyone! I feel quite disappointed to realise that I haven't blogged since December 1st. I'm terrible. But today I finished university for Christmas break - which means lots of spare time to blog! Can't wait to head home tomorrow and spend lots of quality time with my kitty :)

Whilst I've been gone M.I.A. I have been using some new products and thought I would do a little top 3 of my favourites for you all.

First up is Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion from The Body Shop. I picked this up on a whim whilst at the till paying for my goodies - I didn't even smell it before I paid! Luckily, the lotion smells absolutely lush. Very floral but not overly girly or sweet. Just that perfect balance of floral. Sometimes I feel floral scented things can be a bit more suited to grans! Anyway, I can't get enough of this. Next time you're in The Body Shop be sure to give it a sniff :)

Next up - something I thought I would never be blogging about. It's Katy Perry's debut perfume, Purr. I picked this up in Debenhams on it's UK launch date, as coincidentally it was a 20% off day and I fancied a new scent. I'm not going to lie - it was the cute bottle that sucked me in! What can I say? I am a huge cat lover :) It cost me around £28 which is a fair price in my opinion. It's a lovely, fruity scent but it is also very light - meaning it doesn't linger on you all day long. I have been wearing it most week days, and I would recommend this for a cheap day scent. It's definitely not heavy enough for evening wear. Again, give this a sniff if you get the chance!

Finally, another product I never thought I'd blog about. It's L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray. My gran has used this hairspray since I can remember, and my mum has recently jumped on the bandwagon. I used to stick my nose up at it a little - Elnett was definitely not for me. But recently I saw it on offer in Boots and decided to give it a try. I mean, after all, the bottle was pink and that made it more appealing to me! Oh how superficial I am. Anyway, I'm very glad I picked it up because I do really like it. It's light and easy to brush out at the end of the day. I use it to create some volume on my roots by spraying it with my head upside down. Other times I spray it over freshly straightened hair then run my brush through my hair quickly - helps keep away static and holds my poker straight locks.

And that was my top 3 favourites of the moment :)

Hope you are all well,

Lydia xox

1 December 2010

Nails of The Day 01/12/10 Models Own

Hi everyone! Happy 1st of December :) this is my favourite month and I'm definitely in a fantastic mood today.

I have been really getting into Models Own nail polishes - the colour range is great and the polishes generally apply pretty well.

Today I have been wearing Models Own 'Nude Beige' - and I love it so much! It's very neutral, goes with any outfit and looks very soft and natural. Can't really describe why I love it so much - it just looks good.

Above: with the flash - but probably the only photo I could get which was a fairly true representation of how it looks in real life.

Below: the flash washes it out a bit too much here

Below: without the flash - not a good representation at all. It isn't this yellowy/brown in real life. Much nicer, much more nude.

What are you sporting on your nails today? And what's your favourite Models Own polish? I want to add to my collection :)

Lydia xox