Florabundance: February 2010

28 February 2010

Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil Review & Ray Bans For Sale

Hello everyone! Hope you have had a great weekend.

Aveeno contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to try out some of their products. I said yes straight away because I had already vaguely heard of the brand from a friend who likes Aveeno as it is gentle on her eczema-prone skin.

One of the products that I received that I REALLY loved was their Moisturising Creamy Oil.

This is what the Aveeno website says of the product:
  • Combines the concentrated goodness of naturally active colloidal Oatmeal and sweet almond oil.
  • Provides the benefit of an oil with the convenience of a cream.
  • Helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture level and prevent dry skin.
  • Skin is left looking and feeling soft, smooth and healthy without a greasy after feel.

What I liked about it: I feel their description is absolutely spot on! It has the benefit of providing the moisturisation of an oil, but in a convenient cream formula. The cream has a very thin consistency and soaks in very quickly which is a very big plus for me! I hate moisturisers that take forever to soak in and you have to wait ages to put your clothes on! You don't get that problem with the Aveeno moisturiser. The smell is also gorgeous, I think this is down to the sweet almond oil.
The final plus is that it left my skin feeling moisturised for well over 24 hours!

What I didn't like about it: I can't actually think of anything! I will be continuing to use this moisturiser every day - I really do love it!

Would I repurchase?: Definitely! I'm not sure of the price as it isn't stated on website but I have spotted it in Boots recently so it shouldn't be too pricey!

And lastly, I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying my Ray Ban Wayferer Sunglasses? I bought them about a year ago and have barely worn them - three times maximum! The main reason I want to get rid of them is that my face just doesn't suit small framed sunglasses. I should have realised this before I placed my order but oh well!

These are 100% genuine Ray Bans that I purchased from www.netaporter.com for about £100. I still have the netaporter box they came in as proof. If you comment me saying how much you are prepared to pay for them and leave your email address I will get back to you if I'm prepared to sell them for that much!

Lydia xox

24 February 2010

Australian Swap with Sarah!!

Hiii everyone! So I just wanted to show you all what I got in my Australian/UK swap with Sarah.

Sarah is one of the best blogger friends I've made and I was so happy to be able to do a swap with her! We set a budget and just bought each other stuff we thought the other would like!

I got a bunch of lovely stuff but somehow I only took close up photos of the lip products and eyesdhadow palette! I'm a ditz!

Chi Chi lipsticks in Marcia Marcia Marcia (left) and Socialite (left).
Below: with flash
And without flash:
I love these lipsticks so much! Especially the bling bling packaging :P I have been wearing Marcia Marcia Marcia almost every day since I got it!

Sarah also picked me up an Australis Lip Inject lipgloss in Contemporary which is a beautiful pale peachy colour! This is such a nice consistency and it smells SO yummy! It smells like fruit haha in a good way :)

Below: Australis lipgloss (with flash)
And one of my favourite things in this swap was the Chi Chi 'Cocktails In Paris' eyeshadow palette! Purple is my absolute favourite colour to wear on my eyes so Sarah picked well! :)

What I didn't photograph indivudally is the Savvy Minteral Loose Eyshadow in the colour Latte. It's a pretty beige colour which is so versatile and lovely to wear on a daily basis :) I'm more than sure you'll see this in a FOTD soon :)

Sarah also sent me GlamEyes eyelashes in 'Beyonve' which look fab! I can't wait to wear them on a night out - I might even wear them as part of my contest entry to Sarah's contest (which you can check out here !)

She was also kind enough to include a tonne of samples for me to try out, a handcream which has now taken it's place in my handbag, and some Ferrero Rocher's! Yum :)

I just want to thank Sarah so much for doing this swap with me! I was totally blind to Australian brands before and I've loved having a chance to try them out!

Lydia xox

21 February 2010


Hi everyone. I don't normally post blogs like this but I need your help!

Do any of you NW15/20 MAC girls use NARS Sheer Glow foundation? If so, what shade have they matched you as?

They matched me as 'Gobi' which I bought but I am not entirely happy with - it feels too pale.
It also worries me that the website describes Gobi as 'Light with yellow undertones' - I'm a NW which is pink toned not yellow toned!!

If you could help please drop me a comment :)

Lydia xox

20 February 2010

Forgotten MAC haul.. with reviews!

Hi everyone.. hope you are all having a good weekend. The weekend seems to be the only time I get some spare time on my hands to blog so sorry for being so slow with posts recently.

Whilst browsing through my 'blog' folders on my laptop I noticed I had never blogged about my MAC haul from around 4 weeks ago! However, it's worked out quite nicely because now I can include reviews with my haul as they have all been tried and tested! :)

I bought:
MAC Cleanse Off Oil
MAC E/S pan in Patina
MAC E/S pan in Mulch
MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW20

First up - the Cleanse Off Oil.
I have been using this every night since I got it and I love it! I admit I was very apprehensive to try this out because I had the idea that oil = grease = spots galore! But this isn't the case. If anything, oil cleans oil. I apply a 5p sized amount to my cheeks and rub it in (to dry skin) in circular motions. Then I take another 5p sized amount and go over my forehead, nose and chin. Then finally, I take another 5p sized amount and massaage it into my eye make-up very carefully. Then I rinse my entire face with warm water, which turns the oil to a milky colour. Afterwards, I see that every inch of my make-up has been removed. It's a quick process with excellent results. I'm definitely sticking to oil cleansers from now on!

MAC eyeshadows in Patina (left) and Mulch (right)

Both these eyeshadows are gorgeous! They are also great to pair together. I like to wear Patina on the inner 2/3 of the lid, and Mulch in the other corner and crease - creating a V shape.
I can honestly say that Patina is one of the best MAC eyeshadows I've ever bought! I use it all the time for all different looks. It is a dirty golden-brown that can work with a lot of other colours. It is also pretty subtle for daytime wear. It is 100% my new favourite MAC eyeshadow! Mulch is great too, but I prefer using it just for the outer corners.

Studio Fix Concealer (NW20):
I don't have a photo of this, but it's safe to say this has already been well used and well loved since I got it. I never used to really use concealer - just relied on the heavy coverage of SFF to cover my spots. Now I can wear lighter foundations, and use this to dab onto my imperfections. I utterly LOVE it. Definitely a make-up bag staple. I also have to add it's really creamy and easy to work with - unlike Benefit's Boiing .. my main problem with that is how un-easy it was to work with!!

So that's it :) hoping to do another post this weekend to show you what I got in my swap with the lovely Sarah (If The Shoe Fits...)

Lydia xox

17 February 2010

St Ives Apricot Scrub

Hiya everyone! I have been so slack on the blogging front yet again, but I'm back because I want to rave about a skin-care product I've recently discovered!

The skin-care product in the spotlight is St Ives Apricot Scrub - Blemish Fighting. I picked up the blemish fighting one because my chin has been getting a bit spottier than normal recently boo.

I know a lot of you already use and love this scrub, but when I bought this back in January, it was the first time for me to ever try it - which must mean there are loads of others out there who haven't tried this either - so this blog post is for you guys! :)

Why I like it: I never used to use facial scrubs often (usually only used them when I got a free sample somewhere!), so for me to adopt this little gem into my skin-care routine definitely shows how much I like it. It's nice because it feels like it's exfoliating your skin, but it's not too rough in the slightest. It's not so abrasive that you can't use it every day either - personally I like to use it every other day because my skin is more combination, rather than oily. But if you had oily-combination skin, this could definitely be used every day - it doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped or dry!
It also has a great scent to it, which isn't essential, but it's a plus of course!

What I don't like: Nothing - seriously! I have no complaints and I won't be on the lookout for an alternative facial scrub any time soon.

Price: around £4

Value for money?: Definitely! I have had this since the start of January and I've not even used a quarter of the bottle up yet!

Lydia xox

9 February 2010

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Hello everyone! Haven't had much chance to blog this week so I thought I'd squeeze in a little review tonight.

The product in the spotlight is Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion, which I have been using for over a month now and I am totally smitten with it! Before I got this, I used to apply Sudocrem to my spots (which don't get me wrong - it's still a genius idea!) but this Drying Lotion works a million times better. It isn't greasy, it goes on as a thick liquid and dries in seconds.

How to use it: It's simple! You just dip a cotton bud (q tip!) into the bottle - right down to the pink section. You must NOT shake the bottle and mix up the solution. As you can see below it is pink at the bottom and clear at the top. You put the cotton bud right in to the bottom, pull it out and dab it on your spot. It then dries to a pink little patch which you leave on overnight and wash off in the morning.
Why I like it: I think this product is great. Sudocrem was originally doing a great job for me, but I find even though it's meant to dry out your spots, it is very greasy and can create a breeding space for new spots what with all the oiliness. The drying lotion is self explanatory really - it is a lotion that dries your spot out. It dries instantly and there is no grease and no mess. It doesn't get on your pillow because it is not tacky - it is purely dry! If anything, it might flake off gradually if you are pulling lots of facial expressions or touching the area - which I would really avoid doing when you have a spot anyway!

Does it work?: I would say yes! I cannot 100% prove it, but whenever I have applied this at night, the next morning the spot is either noticeably smaller and less angry looking, or it has come to a white head. Some spots need the lotion to be applied two or three nights in a row, it really depends what the spot is like!

Would I repurchase?: Definitely!

Price: £14.50

Where to buy it?: I get mine from HQhair.com - you can buy it by clicking here

Lydia xox

6 February 2010

Haul: Accessorize and Lush

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in some shopping on my day off.

First off I picked up this flower hair clip at Accessorize for £6. I think it's so cute, and I always clip bits of my hair up so it seemed like a genuine 'hair prettifying' investment! Ha :)

Above: clipped at the back, pulling hair from both sides of my head.
Most days I will wear it on just one side, scooping back hair from the left side of my head.

I also picked up a really cute coin purse at Accessorize, for £8! A bit pricey, but I only have one other coin purse which I use for nights out, so I'm going to use the new one to store cards in :)

Then onto Lush... I mainly went into Lush to pick up my payslip and whilst I was there I couldn't resist picking some of the new Valentines stuff up!

I got 'The Ex Factor' bath ballistic, which is vanilla scented, and a 'Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar' which smells like strawberry milkshake! Can't wait to try them out this weekend :)

I also picked up one of the new lip scrubs, in Bubblegum. I tried this out last night and it was AWESOME! Made my skins plump and smooth. I then applied MAC's Naked Honey Skin Salve before bed, and woke up to wonderfully smooth lips! Hurrah!

And finally, whilst browsing through Boots I spotted the famous Seche Vite! Famous on the blog circuit for making your nails dry super fast - I had to try it for myself :)

So that is all I got! I don't like doing haul posts too often, so I will try and get a review up soon - I have quite a lot of products I want to talk about :)

Lydia xox

1 February 2010

January Faves

Hello everyone! Can't believe it is February already - but I am embracing it with open arms, for I hate January! Such a depressing month!

I don't normally do monthly favourites but I hope to make it a regular thing in 2010 :)

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment: I bought this after Christmas and have been using it on my damp hair every time I wash it. It's a leave in treatment designed to help minimise breakage when your hair is exposed to heat from drying and styling. There are many things I love about this product, but the main thing is the smell - it is so yummy! I also feel it does it's job, there's hardly any bits of blonde hair left on my shoulders after I straighten it now which is always a good thing!!

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Perfume: I got this perfume for Christmas and again ,have been using it ever since. I just love love love the smell of it! As you can see, it's going down very quickly in the bottle. The main reason for this is because the scent isn't very long lasting so I end up spraying more of it - boo! So this is in my favourites for the smell, not for it's staying power sadly.

Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer: This is a 15ml sample size that I received when I bought the full size of Clinique Super Defense SPF25 Moisturizer. I have to say that I have used it every night for about 3 weeks and it still hasn't run out! Plus I wake up every morning and my face feels well moisturized but not greasy. I'm considering buying the full size when it runs out - unless something better comes along!

Nars Orgasm Blusher: Love love love this blusher! It's my first and only Nars product at the moment (shocking, I know!) and it has definitely started up a love affair for me. I use this blush 4 or 5 days a week, interchanging with MAC's Pink Swoon at the moment.

Benefit Speed Brow: Wow, I love this brow grooming gel! A little wonder in a stick. I know a lot of people say clear mascara does the job just as well, but I disagree - Speed Brow has a much smaller brush than a mascara wand does, therefore making it so much easier to accurately groom the brows into place. Plus it is very lightly tinted, and I feel this doesn't leave the brows looking so glossy as clear mascara does (this is a good thing!)

So that's all for now, pretty small amount but I can't say anything else stood out for me!

Lydia xox