Christmas Limbo

27 December 2010

Christmas Limbo

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a magical Christmas and Santa was kind to you. Mine was just perfect.

I love Christmas time, especially these few days in between Christmas and New Years - I am in total Christmas limbo. Lots of lazy days, which brings me onto my topic of this blog post - HOW AMAZING ARE SNUGGIES?!

I got a pink snuggie off my mum for Christmas - something I'd wanted for ages but never thought to ask for. It was my favourite surprise present I think! I've been slouching around in it for 2 days now and love it so much.

I also have lots of DVD's left to work though - here is just a few of them!

And here is me and Alfie having snuggles, a regular occurrence but I took this one on Christmas eve :-)

I do plan on eventually doing a post on some of the things I got for Christmas. Unfortunately, my camera broke on Christmas morning. Perfect timing - NOT! Although I suppose at least I have Christmas money to buy a new one. It's just not something I was expecting to have to splash out on. Anyways - I'm getting a Pansonic Lumix, which I've been lusting after for a while. I suppose my camera breaking has just been a kick up the butt for me to actually buy it.

Enjoy your Christmas limbo lovelies,

Lydia xox

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  1. I got a pink snuggie too! lol! Hope you had a good holiday!