Purchase of The Week 2

12 November 2010

Purchase of The Week 2

Hello everyone! Recently I have been obsessed with shopping on eBay - I'd totally forgot how many bargains you could grab on there. Having received these heels from ebay today I thought it was quite fitting to do a 'purchase of the week' post.

These Topshop metallic platforms set me back just £4.99 on ebay! Crazy! About two years ago I bought the black version of these in my local Topshop for £65 - so to get them for a fiver on ebay is amazing. What makes this purchase even more amazing is that I wore my black version of the heels to death - I wore them on nearly every night out for a year and eventually they had to be binned. I never got over the loss of the shoes as they were so comfortable and I hadn't found a pair that were as comfy since.

Below: me wearing the heels - love the metallic look, a bit different to my black ones but still very neutral.

I already know I'm going to wear these babies to death! I am in love all over again :)

So that is my purchase of the week. I highly suggest you guys go take a peak on ebay and grab yourself a bargain ! There is nothing better than finding a bargain :) it has made my week.



  1. Ah these are incredibly gorgeous :), I love it when you find amazing bargains on ebay. I am a manic ebayer. And also I agree with what you said on my blog, the whole violence thing just gives it bad press, hopefully things will go smoother from now on. Wish I could have come down but it was hard being in edinburgh and having work :/. x

  2. Aw these are gorgeous! Thats such a great find :) xo