Small Haul.. MAC and Mulberry

2 September 2010

Small Haul.. MAC and Mulberry

Hello everyone :) hope you are all having a good Thursday. Yay for Friday tomorrow.

I thought I would share with you all my little haul from Cardiff yesterday which I am still verrrryyy excited about. Mainly because I made my first ever Mulberry purchase - eeek! Happiness!

First up, I went to MAC because I had £10 worth of points on my Debenhams beauty card that were crying to be spent!

I got the 187 brush which I had be dying to get my hands on for a while. I was previously using the 188 brush, which is great, but I found it too small to be applying my foundation with.

Here's my kitten Alfie, who was 'helping' out with my photo session.

I also picked up 'Speed Dial' lipstick, which is a gorgeous cremesheen.

Here's a swatch of Speed Dial under natural light.

Finally it's the Mulberry purchase.. which Alfie is just as excited about as me! Haha :)

Tadaaaa! It is the Mulberry 'Continental' purse in Tan :) it set me back £195 from House of Fraser and I think it is more than worth the price tag. It's just a timeless classic that is going to see me through a long time.

Below: the inside

Below: the back
I think the back zip pocket is very useful! I hate having to flip open a huge purse, flashing the notes and cards, just to get some coins out. It feels much more safer having a back zip section.

So there we go. My little, but very expensive(!), haul :)

Lydia xox


  1. Yay welcome back to blogger! Glad you found some inspiration.
    Your Mulberry purse is very gorgeous and timeless too. I'm actually on the hunt for a new purse after trying to clean my leather Topshop one with regular soap. :( I want a tan colour, and a back zip pocket, so I pretty much want this!


  2. Wow I love the purse! Its gorgeous! :D XO

  3. ooo Im desperate for speed dial :)) Looks gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as the purse <3 xx

  4. I'm going to Cardiff this month and now I want to get Speed Dial while I'm there!
    I don't think I've looked at this one before, it's gorgeous :)

  5. Thank you lovelies - Speed Dial is deffo a must have :) so pretty x

  6. so nice to see you're back! Hope you had a fab time in the USA :) so jealous of your mulberry! x

  7. Ooh Lydia that Mulberry is just GORGEOUS! Def. money well spent- it is beyond beautiful.
    That MAC Lippie is so pretty too!
    Lol I can see why Alfie is so excited- that's a fabulous day spent shopping :) x

  8. Yaaay - welcome to the Mulberry club. Warning - you will always need one more Mulberry in your life. Purse is beautiful! As is Alfie, the little cutie xx

  9. I really want that Mulberry purse!! It's such a classic and I love how big it is. Jealous! x

  10. Aw so glad you liked the sunnies Lydia!!! Chanel or Dior- you will look stunning in anything :)

    Just wanted to ask you- how is your MAC 187 brush going? I'm thinking of picking one up and just wondered how you were finding yours? x

  11. fab lipstick and cute purse!
    Visit me: xo