Update.. and a little Lush Review!

16 May 2010

Update.. and a little Lush Review!

Hi everyone, sorry I've barely been posting recently! I am hiding under a mountain of revision, but luckily that will all be over on Thursday afternoon and normal blogging may resume!

I went home to my parents for a couple of days last week, and every time I go home I love to indulge in a couple of Lush baths! A Lush product that really stood out for me was their new 'Keep It Fluffy' bath ballistic. I had been sent this weeks ago in a big package from Lush, not as a promotional activity but because I had previously worked for Lush and they like their employees (and sometimes past employees!) to try out their new stuff first hand.

'Keep It Fluffy' is a new bath ballistic, and the scent comes from Lush's former sister company, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. It is a gorgeous scent, and one that lingers around for the rest of the night and way in to the next day. I love those kind of bath products!
The scent is a wonderful combination of vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang which makes it seem both soothing and uplifting. Once I had got out of the bath my skin felt velvety smooth, which is always a major plus for me!
A 90g ballistic costs £2.25.

Another thing I want to mention is 'The Carrie Diaries' by Candace Bushnell. It's about Carrie's life before her Sex and The City days. This book has been an easy, enjoyable read and I recommend it to every SATC fan out there!

Blog soon,

Lydia xox


  1. i didn't know about that book i'm definitely going to look out for it I love SATC so much! I'm with you on the revision, I'm burried in it at the moment, good luck with your exams!x

  2. That lush bath bomb sounds delish. I've been wanting to try out lush products for some time now.


  3. @Daisy - it hasn't long come out! I pre-ordered it on Waterstones as I am a bit of saddo like that hehe :) xxx

  4. ohh think I need to get this book to get me ready for the film! xx