Louboutin Advice Wanted...

24 May 2010

Louboutin Advice Wanted...

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good weekend. I just wanted to ask you all for some advice as I am in a bit of a pickle!

I have one pair of Louboutins which I've had for 2 years now, and as you can see from the photo below, the soles are pretty wrecked. I also want to point out that these have only been worn 3 times - atrocious in my opinion. I probably won't be buying another pair of Louboutins in a hurry because although they are GORGEOUS, the condition they got in after 3 wears is sickeningly unacceptable. The sole is made out of red leather, so wear and tear is expected. But I did not expect this kind of wear and tear so soon when I have paid over £400 for them. I've had Topshop heels that cost just £65 which saw me through a whole year of nights out without any repairs being done! How's that for a comparison?!

Close up of one of the soles. Makes me sad :(

As you can see from the photo below, they look fine to still be worn - the wear and tear is concealed as it is on the part of the sole you walk on.

What I want is some advice on whether I should get the soles professionally repaired at Christian Louboutin? Or should I get red rubber soles attached to the sole that hits the ground by a (reputable! of course!) cobbler?

Getting the red leather redone at Louboutin would look a lot better and my mind would be at ease knowing that they would repair my babies back to their pristine condition. However, the same wear and tear is bound to happen again quickly after - so is it a waste of money?

The red rubber soles will last a long time and I can trot around in my Louboutins untill my hears content. BUT it will ruin the look of them from the underneath - only I will know, of course. But it still matters to me.

What the red rubber sole will look like (not cut to size) ^ above.

Below: me showing them off :)

So what do you guys think I should do? I need your help!

Lydia xox


  1. Sorry I dont have any advice :( They are lovely shoes, and I have always wanted a pair, but dont think I will get some now having seen the pics, I would be distraught! x

  2. Personally, i would get them professionaly repaired by Louboutin, instead of rubber soles from a cobbler.
    However, i suppose you are right when you the same would probably happen again, although paying that much money for a pair of shoes i would want them to look perfect & have the proper red louboutin sole that they should have :)
    Not much help i know, sorry hun!

  3. I think if you do anything, you should do the red rubber. Cause like you said, if you had the leather repaired it would just scrape off again right quick! They're really beautiful shoes :)

  4. @missmascara - I was distraught at first! I've left it so long because I really don't know what to do with them!

    @Dainty Dollymix - I think I may get them properly repaired and if anything happens again, it will be red rubber sole time!

  5. I'm not sure if Louboutin have the same policy but I know at places like Louis Vuitton if a bag gets damaged due to wear and tear they will replace it each time. I would get them resoled by Louboutin and see if you have them sealed in some way.

  6. Aw Lydia! Is that normal for Louboutins? I've always just been a lover from afar and have never been lucky enough to actually own a pair!
    Your pair are just gorgeous- I would prob get them repaired by Louboutin and make a complaint if this is out of the ordinary! For the price you pay you would expect better wear and tear!!!! But like you said if it happened again maybe just take the 2nd option...

    Ooh and I hope you get to go on some nice (and well deserved holidays!!!) you are so lucky to be so close to Europe, the choices are endless :)
    I'm not going anywhere international or glamorous lol but I am on holidays in a few weeks for a month so will be heading back to see some friends and here and there so that will be nice!! You must be so glad you are on summer holidays now :) x

  7. They are gorgeous shoes - shame the sole is a bit wrecked! x


  8. I have a few pairs of Louboutins and unfortunately they soles get 'damaged' quite quickly. However, it is not a real damage, you are right in saying that they are made out of leather but it is not red, they are painted red and that paint will wear off quickly however the leather on the sole will last a long time. You only need to re-sole them when the leather gets damaged. I have had one of the pairs for over a year now and I wear them a lot, including many nights out and although the red paint is gone from the toes the leather is still in good condition - I have checked with the Louboutin approved cobbler in London and he advised they do not need resoling yet. So I wouldn't get too worried about that. They still look gorgeous.