Weekend Purchases

11 April 2010

Weekend Purchases

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good weekend! Here is a little blog post for you to nosy at what I bought over the weekend :)

First stop, Chanel! I had been lusting after the 'Les 4 Ombres' eyeshadow quad in 'Mystic Eyes' for quite some time. I hadn't made many make-up purchases this month so I thought why not, I'll treat myself :P

It's a truly gorgeous palette and all the colours are wearable and suitable to combine together. Also, the colour pay-off is fantastic (but so it should be for the price, eh!)

Below: close up of the palette.

Next up is Primark. Firstly I have to say I don't want to step on the toes of bloggers who choose to regularly shop at Primark. I do admit I am a little bit of a label snob, but the main reason I never shop at Primark is because I don't agree with their brand ethics - one word, EXPLOITATION! Plus, I would much rather spend more on clothes that are of much better quality.

Anyhoo and anyhow, I did pick up two items that I thought would come in handy over the summer.

First, this floral skirt which cost £5.

And secondly, more floral goodness - dress, £9.

And lastly, the photo below captures my Friday evening. Lush Butterball bath bomb, Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle and Skinny Bitch book. It was lovely indeed!

After trying my first Yankee Candle, I am ordering a few more for sure. I have also found Skinny Bitch to be an incredibly insightful read. Cannot recommend it enough.

Hope all your weekends were equally as good as mine!

Lydia xox


  1. Love the palette, my Chanel palette is one of my most used, sooo gorgeous. I've been buying lush today x

  2. You are right, their ethics are not fair. There are "similar" stores in Italy, but I do not shop there. At least, you can find some gems which also have quality at Primark (not everything is good, of course, but some pieces are very very nice, and I always pay a visit there when I'm in England).

    That skirt, for instance, is so lovely!!! So me! and for only 5 pounds!

    Nice buys, make sure you post fotd's with les ombres ;)

  3. I've seen Skinny Bitch on a few blogs so I might have to have a read, it look like my kind of book! Also butterball is one of my Lush favourites, it makes your skin so soft!

  4. glad you like your yankee candle!, they last forever too! I'm very jealous of your chanel quad it looks lovely xxx

  5. Ooh that Chanel quad looks so pretty, my ideal kinda quad! Looking forward to a FOTD with that xx

  6. That quad is so perfect! Tempted to pick one up for myself. I had one of their quads and it wasn't very pigmented, but this one sounds a lot better! :)

    Big lover of Yankee candles here too! :D

  7. Oooh yay for the Yankee Vanilla Cupcake candle! this smells too scrummy, I quite want to eat it! :)
    That Chanel Quad looks so pretty as well!

  8. That pallete is a beaut in itsw own right! xx