March Favourites

2 April 2010

March Favourites

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying and making the most of this long Easter weekend :)

Here are my five favourites from last month:

YSL Elle - Summer Limited Edition Version
Normally I like to stick to one perfume (Chanel - Chance is my signature scent!) but recently I've been experimenting with lighter, more feminine scented perfumes. I'd used up a bottle of the original YSL Elle about two summers ago and loved it. This new summer limited edition of it is the same scent but the fruity notes have been heightened. It smells fresh yet girly. I love it!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Healthy Attitude Nourishing Spray
When I bought my John Frieda shampoo and conditioner there was a 3 for 2 offer on, so I picked this up. It has now become a staple in my haircare routine! I spray this very generously all over to damp hair before hairdyring. I definitely feel like my hair has been feeling a lot healthier due to it. It is a 'nourishing spray' but I guess it is ultimately a leave-in conditioner.

Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Make-Up Remover
I bought this in Tesco's when I was doing my weekly shop because it was on offer for £2 - I couldn't afford to shell out for my beloved Lancome eye make-up remover at the time. Luckily, this Garnier one has been doing the job just as well as the Lancome one.
Another plus point is that this product is not oil-based and doesn't leave an oily residue behind afterwards. Usually I need to use an oil-based remover because without the oil I don't feel like it removes the make-up thoroughly enough. This is the first oil-free remover I've found that does the job perfectly. Would highly recommend checking this out if you want to save some pennies!

Lancome Art Liner Eyeliner
I bought this a few weeks ago at Debenhams and I have to say it is the easiest liquid eyeliner I've ever used. I haven't quite mastered doing feline-esque flicks with it yet, but I am very impressed with how easy it is to create a thin, neat line across my lashline. It is also easy to create a thicker line - just increase pressure!

MAC 188 Duo-Fibre Brush
I have been using this to apply my foundation every day since I got it. I LOVE how it gives me a lighter application of Mac's Studio Fix Fluid. I also love how it results in me using less product. It blends foundation perfectly when swirled in circular motions lightly against the skin.

I have been a bit tight for money this month, and I think this is reflected in my March faves - 2 out of lot 5 products are drugstore!

Looking forward to reading everyone else's monthly favourites for March,

Lydia xox


    Nice favourites :) x

  2. Love that Garnier eye makeup remover! I will be definitely having a sniff of the Elle perfume :) xx

  3. I love the garnier fresh range, the moisturiser is amazing!xx

  4. Oh I soo have to try that John Freida!!!! Putting it on my shopping list now :)
    Garnier is such a good "cheapie" range!!!

  5. Hiya again Missy :) Hope you have had a great Easter!!!
    Just in reply to your comment I can honestly say that the Chanel Mystic eyes quad is amazinggggg!! I am so in love with it! It is perfect for a simple shimmery look or you can go all out for a smokey eye! It is one of my favourites for sure :)