Lisa Taubes 42inch Silver Necklace

12 April 2010

Lisa Taubes 42inch Silver Necklace

Hi everyone!

I ordered my Lisa Taubes 42" Sterling Silver chain necklace about 3 weeks ago now from Lorraine's blog and it got to me super quick (less than a week) but I forgot to blog about it. So here is my slightly delayed post.

This little box was sent to me:

Below: inside - the necklace carefully wrapped with paper and a cute little thank you card! How thoughtful!

Below: How the 42inch sterling silver linked chain looks. It was really hard to photograph - the photo doesn't do any justice to how pretty this chain is. It sort of glistens in the light.

And finally, I apologise for this boob shot below but I wanted to show you how I like to wear the chain! This is the 42 inch chain doubled over once.

I just love how it's so simple and can be worn with literally everything! I love big, unusual jewellery but for days when I'm in a rush this is so easy to slip on. It instantly adds something to an outfit. I love this so much that I am tempted to order the 5ft sterling silver.

Be sure to let me know if you bought one of these, and which one you got! :)

Lydia xox


  1. very cute! My brother got me similar earrings for xmas, 2 years ago. i'll do a twitpic for you later on

  2. lovely! I keep umming and ahhing over whether to get one of these they look so pretty on xxx

  3. aw i like it :)
    i'm thinking of ordering one myself :)

  4. I really want one, i've been thinking about what length to get for a long time! Don't worry about the boob shot, we get um from Lorraine all the time! :)

  5. Gorgeous necklace! The boob shot adds to the Lorraine-ness of the photo! :)

  6. thats a really nice necklace nicely made really! and its simple which is what i like about it