Illamasqua Gift

15 April 2010

Illamasqua Gift

Hi everyone! I was soo excited the other day when this arrived at my front door!

It was the Illamasqua gift box which was sent to the people who were meant to be attending the Illamasqua event that sadly got cancelled.

I was incredibly impressed with the packaging, this sleek black box that was sealed with a bow looks fantastic. It is also environmentally friendly as I will be using this box for some storage instead of throwing it out like regular packaging!

Inside was their new Liquid Metal in 'Surge' and their new nail varnish in Jo'Mina.
Also included was a poster of their beautiful new Body Electrics imagery, and a brochure showing their new products that have come out with the Body Electrics collection - which you can check out online here!

Illamasqua nail paint in Jo'Min and Liquid Metal in Surge. (No flash, natural light)

Just one swatch of Liquid Metal Surge on my fingertip - SO pigmented.

I got way too excited when the package arrived, and smudged the Liquid Metal all over my lid just to test it out! It's so pretty. I can't wait to start playing about with this alongside my other Liquid Metals that I have in my collection.

Above: Jo'Mina without the flash.

Above: Jo'Mina with the flash.

I think neither of the photos have captured the true, gorgeousness of this nail polish. It is a pale purple, but bright at the same time. It's dark and pastel at the same time and I love that.

I'm so grateful and happy with what Illamasqua have sent me. Big thanks to Alex Cummins!

Lydia xox


  1. Jo'Mina looks such a gorgeous colour! I need to purchase this!
    My Illamasqua goodies still havent arrived yet!

  2. agreeed :) jo'mina looks gorgeous.
    cant believe how pigmented the liquid metal is as well :o
    definitely need to try these.

  3. Simply gorgeous, why haven't I tried anything from Illamasqua before? I have no idea why I haven't!!!


  4. That nail varnish colour is beautiful! x

  5. OOh pretty! That metal splurge stuff reminds me of the metallic eyeshadows that Rimmel did ages ago. Slightly better quality I'm sure! Looks like a great base. And I LOVE that purple shade, so unique. xXx

  6. wow! So lovely! What an amazing gift pack! I want it all!

  7. thank you honey, for your lovely comment!

    My Illamasqua package hasn't come yet... I'm growing much anticipation seeing all these posts :D
    Out of curiousity, does the liquid metal crease?

  8. Holy!! That box and the goodies inside are just sooo pretty! Wow that silver is just gorgeous even just swiped lightly!!!! x