Hair History!

23 April 2010

Hair History!

Hey everyone, I just realised I haven't blogged in ages so it was well overdue for me to write a post!

This is a tag that went around ages ago, but I never had access to a scanner to get photos on here. The other day I had a genius idea where I took photos of my photos - and it didn't work out too bad either!

There is a lack of ones from me as a kid mainly because I don't want them available on the internet.

So below is my first one, aged around 8 I think. As you can see I have naturally blonde hair - which I would do anything to get back right now! I'm not sure I even realised I had blonde hair at the time? Oh the joys of being a careless kid :)

As I got older, my hair started to darken and I had a LOT of blonde ambition so I started bleaching my hair around the age of 13 - I think this was taken when I was 13, on holiday in Greece. I think I have a bit of 'old-school Kendra Wilkinson' hair going on here - white blonde and kinda bushy! Haha!

I continued to bleach my hair - and my hair surprisingly kept strong. How it wasn't majorly damaged, I'll never know! Below is me around 14-15.

When I was 15 I decided to dye my hair dark. WORST.DECISION.EVER! I actually cried when I saw it for the first time. Look how much it washes me out in the photo below. I will never be venturing to the dark side ever again, and that is a promise :P

Because I hated the brown so much, I quickly reverted to highlights - slowly working my way back blonde. This was the summer of when I was 15, on holiday in Ibiza.

When I finally got back to the perfect highlighted blonde, I got a bit rebellious and decided to dye underneath my fringe turquoisey-blue. How embarrassing! I was still 15 here.

Below is me at 16 - on my last day of school. I succumbed and went back to the bleach. I just loved having white hair so frickin' much - haha! I also have some extensions in here ready for my prom hairstyle the next evening.

The next photo is me at 17. My hair is pure white and I love how it looks here. It had gotten pretty long again and was in surprisingly great condition.

My hair stayed as white as snow all through my 18th year of life too. But soon the bleach started to take its toll, and I knew I had to give it up one day. So I reverted back to highlights. It's an ongoing journey that I'm still on. I added in heaps of golden blonde and little bits of brunette to balance it out, and I had to cut my hair a little to save it from damage. I've never been happier - hands down best thing I've ever done to my hair.
The photo below is of me about 2 months ago (my hair is the same now, only a little longer!) A lot of my natural hair colour now shows through, and I get highlights put in once every 8 weeks. It's much more low maintenance.

So there is my hair history.

If you haven't done this post yet, be sure to do it and let me know :)

Lydia xox


  1. I love the last picture, you turned out gorgeous! Definitely this hair style is what suits you the most!

  2. Ohhh I loved this post Lydia! You were such a CUTIE (Still are : )
    I can't believe how healthy your hair looks bleached that is amazing- you are def. a true blonde!! I went darker once too and HATED it. I think you know when you are meant to be blonde huh!? x

  3. great post hun!! I especially lovee your hair now, it looks gorgeous! xx