Mini Lush Easter Haul

29 March 2010

Mini Lush Easter Haul

Hi everyone! Haven't seen many posts or videos (if any!) about Lush's Easter treats so I thought I would share with you my little haul from about a week or so ago!

Honey Bun Ballistic - £1.90
I bought two of these Honey Bun's and have used the first one up - it smelled wonderful (sweet and very similar to a lot of their honey-based products) and left my skin feeling extremely soft! This was perfect for a relaxing bath.

Fluffy Egg Ballistic - £2.75
This will be a big hit with any Snow Fairy fans out there, because it smells exactly like Snow Fairy! What a nice treat! I couldn't get enough of Snow Fairy at Christmas so I HAD to get the Fluffy Egg! I only bought one and have yet to us it - I'm saving it for Easter Sunday :-)
I imagine I will LOVE this, so I am going to stock up too.

Hippy Chick Ballistic - £1.85
This is a very zingy, fresh smelling bath ballistic. I bought two of these and used one last week - I used it in the morning because I could tell from it's scent that it was going to be good for waking you up! It turns the water a pale yellow, but the scent isn't that strong sadly. It was nice - but I definitely won't be stocking up on any extras!

That about sums up the Easter collection. The main thing I have left out is the Happy Easter Eggs, which are giant egg bath ballistics which contain a bubble bar and soap inside. They come in yellow and pink (which is also Snow Fairy Scented!) and cost £9.95 - you can check them out here!

Lydia xox


  1. I love the Honey Bun Ballistic, the smell is amazing. xx

  2. Think I would pick these over an easter egg anyday! x

  3. Oh how cute is hippy chick?! I mussst try it! xx

  4. I just hauled my Easter stuff. Am loving the smells of it so far. The bunny is so cute though! And I love the egg.

  5. Aw they're sooo cute!!! Maybe I should ask for this for Easter instead of chocolate... :)

  6. I have yet to make my easter pit stop at Lush!

  7. Ohh Lydia no way don't feel bad at allllll!!!!! I so understand!! You don't have to apologise or worry at all :) I actually don't see contests as much anymore so I'm thinking the fad has died down a bit maybe!? Ha, but either way I'm not worried at all!!!
    I hope you are feeling a bit better now and the Easter bunny spoils your rotten like you deserve :) x

  8. I love your blog!!! :))Looking at your Lush haul I had to smile, I buy SOOO much whenever I go to a Lush shop :D
    I will definitely be coming back to your blog and I hope you will also visit mine and hopefully like it :)) If that is the case, feel free to comment and follow <3