Australian Swap with Sarah!!

24 February 2010

Australian Swap with Sarah!!

Hiii everyone! So I just wanted to show you all what I got in my Australian/UK swap with Sarah.

Sarah is one of the best blogger friends I've made and I was so happy to be able to do a swap with her! We set a budget and just bought each other stuff we thought the other would like!

I got a bunch of lovely stuff but somehow I only took close up photos of the lip products and eyesdhadow palette! I'm a ditz!

Chi Chi lipsticks in Marcia Marcia Marcia (left) and Socialite (left).
Below: with flash
And without flash:
I love these lipsticks so much! Especially the bling bling packaging :P I have been wearing Marcia Marcia Marcia almost every day since I got it!

Sarah also picked me up an Australis Lip Inject lipgloss in Contemporary which is a beautiful pale peachy colour! This is such a nice consistency and it smells SO yummy! It smells like fruit haha in a good way :)

Below: Australis lipgloss (with flash)
And one of my favourite things in this swap was the Chi Chi 'Cocktails In Paris' eyeshadow palette! Purple is my absolute favourite colour to wear on my eyes so Sarah picked well! :)

What I didn't photograph indivudally is the Savvy Minteral Loose Eyshadow in the colour Latte. It's a pretty beige colour which is so versatile and lovely to wear on a daily basis :) I'm more than sure you'll see this in a FOTD soon :)

Sarah also sent me GlamEyes eyelashes in 'Beyonve' which look fab! I can't wait to wear them on a night out - I might even wear them as part of my contest entry to Sarah's contest (which you can check out here !)

She was also kind enough to include a tonne of samples for me to try out, a handcream which has now taken it's place in my handbag, and some Ferrero Rocher's! Yum :)

I just want to thank Sarah so much for doing this swap with me! I was totally blind to Australian brands before and I've loved having a chance to try them out!

Lydia xox


  1. Looks fab, that palette looks gorgeous x

  2. Lucky you! Everything looks great XO

  3. I love these swap posts. I've just done one recently too.
    Looks like you got some lovely stuff xx

  4. That is so lovely! :) I would love to do a swap someday and send people some great Canadian things! Still loving your blog <3 I put up a new post today.

  5. Aw Lydia you are SO welcome!!! I just did a post with all your goodies tooo : )
    I thought you might like the eyeshadow palette seeing as it features lots of pretty purples, so I'm glad you do!!
    Thank you again for the swap it was so much fun and you chose the most gorgeous things for me too!!!!!! x