YSL Faux Cils Mascara Thoughts

8 January 2010

YSL Faux Cils Mascara Thoughts

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't stick to posting once every day - I have been away for two days staying with a friend in Welshpool (Mid Wales). Had a lovely little trip but I must admit the heavy snow caused mucho panic... but I got home safe yesterday so all is good!

Today I thought I would do a little review on YSL Faux Cils (False Lash) mascara. I bought this back in September for around £20. I was very curious to try it after hearing so many great things about it.

Sadly, it was not love at first use. I was sorely disappointed with it and didn't understand what all the hype was! I felt like I'd totally wasted £20 on a product that was going to sit in a draw having only been used 4 or 5 times.

What didn't I like? Well.. it just didn't create and va va voom in my lashes! There was no added volume, no lift, no fluttery lashes. I have long lashes but they lie flat and look non-exsistant without mascara. Not because they are fair, but they are not curled at all. Eye lash curlers are my best friend, but YSL Faux Cils didn't hold the curl for very long.

Change of heart? A few weeks passed and I was still angry at myself for wasting money on the mascara, so I got it out of my make-up storage and vowed to give it another try. Eventually, the hate turned to love. Maybe because the formula had thickened? It certainly felt thicker. It gave my lashes more thickness. It still doesn't hold the curl in my lashes fantastically, but it certainly improved. Now I have used this mascara nearly every day and it is almost all run out. It has gotten a bit too clumpy and I need to invest in a new one.

How the brush looks, below :
So this review is very conflicting. I am still unsure as to what to say about it. I don't know why originally it was rubbish, and then after some perseverance it seemed to work ok?
I didn't hate this product, but for the most part, I was using it for the sake of using it up. It was performing better than my drugstore mascaras, but not as good as other high end brands I've used.

Repurchasing? Sorry to say, but when I purchase my next mascara, it is not going to be YSL Faux Cils. I'm going back to my true mascara love; Dior Diorshow Blackout mascara.

This review was not intended to show YSL in a negative light, I am a huge YSL enthusiast but for me this product just didn't meet my expectations.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday, yay for the weekend!

Lydia xox


  1. I think exactly the same as you!! I find most mascaras go thicker after a while, normally in a good way, and this one def does it!! I stopped buying it though cos its £22 now, I just could justify it!! xxx

  2. Thank you for this review hunny! I have this mascara but i havent actually used it yet!
    Not really looking forward to anymore!
    haha, great review!
    <3 xox

  3. @dainty dollymix - aww no, maybe it will be ok for you! It's certainly worked well for a lot of other bloggers anyway

  4. Thanks for the review, unles it's blooming amazing I wouldn't pay that much for it so at least I know it's one to avoid x

  5. I think for the amount of mascara that I use I couldn't justify £20 on a mascara as it would often need replacing! I have fair lashes so dont go anywhere without mascara! I would rather spend £20 on my first YSL lipstick ;) xx

  6. Aw that is such a bummer! Especially after paying so much for it!!! Atleast you know your "true" love now ;)
    P.S. I have an award for you on my blog!

  7. Oh darn it! I posted a comment but don't know if it worked or not lol it's not coming up! But just in case (can't remember what I said now!!!) it's a shame that this mascara wasn't too great :( But atleast you know you have Dior!!
    P.S. I have an award for you on my blog :)
    Sorry for repeating myself if the 1st comment worked lol

  8. Good review! Shame it didn't really do much. I'm excited about trying th DiorShow mascara though! So many bloggers have raved about it, so in the next few weeks Ill def be buying some :D

  9. Shame that the mascara wasn't the best option for you. I love that mascara but the new one, Singulier, also from YSL, is fab and I think that holds the curl much better.