OPI Haul

20 January 2010

OPI Haul

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday.

Today I'm going to show you the OPI nail polishes I recently bought. I order them from the joliebeautystore on ebay because they are much, much cheaper there!

The three I chose were (L-R) Coronation from the Designer Series, Black Cherry Chutney and Big Apple Red. I do an OPI order every couple of months and like to try and get a bit of variation in the colours I choose.

1. OPI Coronation:

This polish is absolutely gorgeous! It's full of glitter but it goes on the nail smooth, and dries without any bumps. Really high quality nail polish, that is easily removed with regular nail polish remover. No special formula needed! This would have been perfect for the holiday season, I'm sad I didn't get it sooner!

2. OPI Black Cherry Chutney:

This is such a beautiful plummy purple shade. In the bottle it looks like another dark, possibly similar to my Linkin Park After Dark. However once it's on the nail, the colour comes up beautiful.

3. Big Apple Red:

(Sorry for the crappy nail painting, I was in a rush!) This is the perfect bright red. I have lots of red polishes, admittedly, but I wanted this because it is a true red. It's not a dark red, it's not a berry red, it's just red red red. And I love it!

Do you guys have any OPI recommendations for my next order? I'm open to any sort of colours!

Lydia xox


  1. Coronation is amazing - I need it!

  2. I want Coronation too! Amazing!x

  3. im diggin that silver one and the red one!

  4. Hey Lydia :) so glad I came across your blog. I used to follow you when I had a beauty blog, it was: http://joannartw.blogspot.com/ but I decided to create a new blog, anyway, loving your post. I absolutely love the sparkly nail polish. xxx


  5. I just bought the cornation polish. I LOVE it!!!

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  6. Such a gorgeous glittery colour that one is :). I've always craved the Coney Island Cotton Candy, if you like nudes you might want it :) xxx

  7. Oh and come follow me please your blog is awesome so I'll deffo be following you xxx