Mini Lush Haul

17 January 2010

Mini Lush Haul

Hello everyone, this is just going to be a bit of a continuation from yesterdays post!

This is for anyone interested in what bath stuff I got at Lush :)

I picked up:
1 Comforter Bubble Bar
2 Butterball Bath Bombs
2 Floating Islands Bath Melts
1 Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
1 Think Pink Bath Bomb (which they have now made into a mini size - SO cute!!)

I don't normally buy this much for the bath in one go but I have come home for a few relaxing day after my exams and wanted to make sure I have an abundance of bath treats!

These are probably my favourite Lush bath picks, in particular The Comforter and Butterball :)

Last night I used a Floating Island and tonight I think I am going to crumble some Creamy Candy into my bath :) mm.

Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday,

Lydia xox


  1. I used butterball last night and just love it so much! I wasn't feeling well and it made my bath so relaxing and lovely xx

  2. I had a lush haul today, i love it there! x

  3. i really want to take a bath now and use my creamy candy bar.
    great haul! xox

  4. the comforter is my fave :) i cant be without it!