MAC Prep and Prime

23 January 2010

MAC Prep and Prime

Hey everyone, I've been slacking on the blogging front these last few days but I'm back!

I bought MAC's Prep and Prime primer months and months ago - so long that I can't even remember which month it was. Anyway, whilst at my parents home last week I was looking through my baskets of make-up and found it. I took it back to my university house to try out.

Initial thoughts: So, before a night out on Thursday I applied it all over my face as a base before my MAC SFF foundation. It made my skin feel smooth and plump, and I was really pleased with the results.

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What happened? Well, I woke up on Friday morning (having removed my make-up the night before thoroughly) and I looked in the mirror only to see about 6 tiny spots spread all over my face. Not good! I never break out to that capacity. When I break out I get one spot, sometimes two - usually in the same area. These spots were dotted around my face - two on my forehead, one on my cheek, one on my chin and two right on my lipline - how annoying!

Why did this happen? My initial thoughts were to blame the MAC Prep and Prime. All the other products I'd used a million times before and never had any problems. Plus, it's very strange for me to break out so bad.

Why it might be my fault: I checked the bottle and it says that it should only be kept for 6 months. So maybe it may be past it's date, but usually I don't follow thoese guidlines TOO carefully. At the most, it may be about 8 months old. On top of this, it says to avoid the lip area - which would explain my two spots on the lipline. Again, I don't follow products guidelines TOO carefully so this may be my own fault.

Has MAC's Prep and Prime affected anyone else's skin in this way?

I wanted to try their new Prep and Prime with spf in it, but now I'm understandably a bit apprehensive.

Lydia xox


  1. Hey Lydia,
    While I was at MAC a few months back, the MA tried it on me, together with Studio Fix Powder and some blush. I ended up buying the Studio Fix Powder and a blush.

    A few hours later after I got home I started noticing tiny zits all over my face. Initially I thought it was the Studio Fix Powder. So I decided to wait it out and not use it and then try again to see if it happened again.
    I had those weird zits for a week to 10 days.

    I tried the Studio Fix Powder after my skin cleared up and nothing happened.

    Long story short, I think it was the primer. Or it could have been bacteria in the brushes. I really don't know.

    But I am staying away from the primer for sure.


  2. hun my skin did the exact same thing with macs prep and prime got lots of little bumps everywhere so i gave my prep & prime to my sister but she doesnt get the little bumps its weird
    one i stopped using it they all went so i knew it was deffo frm tht as 'as u said all my skincare routine i used my skin is used to '

    so it is frm the prep and prime hun

    eloise xoxo

  3. I've got the SPf Face protect and I have had no trouble until recently. This week I got a major breakout on my chin. I hope its not the primer becauseI love it

  4. @ all - bit worrying to see it has broke you all out! maybe i won't risk it and leave the damn primer alone :) xox

  5. That happened with me aswell.. I sometimes get like massive pimples on my cheek, but only one at a time. A used this for a week, and it started making my whole cheek all bumpy, and my FOREHEAD too, and I never get pimples on my forehead, its always smooth!
    Eh, it wasn't worth it anyways, the prep and prime, not only makes my skin bumpy, but also makes me oily :) But thats cos I have oily skin, and the SA didnt really recommend the product, cos it doesnt control oil!

  6. Many people have breakouts due to primers because of the silicone unfortunately. Sucks :(. I have the SPF 50 one but give up on the others!

  7. Oh my lordy I am so staying away from this, from your review and all these comments yikes! That sucks so bad though, maybe you could sell it on ebay?? :)

  8. This brought on the worst breakout I've ever had! It's a shame because I loved the subtle shimmer and the initial smoothing effect. By the end of the day it also seemed quite drying as well. I had JUST bought it too... total bummer.

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