Hair Challenge.. Results

28 January 2010

Hair Challenge.. Results

Hi everyone, so some of you might remember the post I did back in December about a hair challenge using the product Lee Stafford - For Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length.

Here is my before photo, on December 24th 2009:

Here are my two after photos, taken January 24th 2010:

Did it do as it promised? As you can see, my hair hasn't really grown that much - maybe about an inch, but isn't that the normal hair growth rate?! (edit: hair growth rate is half an inch a month, so it technically has made a difference!) So whilst it hasn't created hair growing miracles, I do feel my hair looks much thicker, healthier and fuller after using this product consistently for a month.

Would I repurchase? Yes, but I would limit it to weekly use or something, because at £6 a tub it's not that cheap when you think of how quickly you go through a tub, using it for every wash.

To leave you with another (horrible!) photo, this is a photo taken exactly one year ago. I realised this, because last night I went to our university's 'Back to School Disco' and the photo below was taken at that very same party, only a year before.

Eww look at the mess on my hair! This is why you should stay away from bleaching a full head of hair, ladies. It looks great for a while, but eventually you're hair will start breaking and snapping off and your long hair shall be no more!

I'm so grateful I decided to take some 'hair action' last year and revert back to highlights, because my hair is in such a better, healthier condition right now and it's growing back long really quickly! Phew!

Lydia xox


  1. I really think your hair looks fuller, thicker & longer hun - and in such an amazing condition in the second picture! Looks gorgeous lovely!

  2. Cool post and I love your hair colour :) x

  3. Its made a difference, it looks like it's grown maybe an inch, which is double the average growing rate of half an inch a month, it looks much healthier too! xx

  4. this is awesome!
    i bleached my full head for far too long &now i'm left with hair which wont grow past my shoulders &snaps off all the time.
    i think i might invest in some of this stuff!
    your hair looks lovely.

  5. It definitely is quite a bit longer, so maybe it is worth the money...? :)

  6. I do think it looks like its made a difference hun, dont think my hair would grow that quick!!

    I have full head bleach and mine is in quite good condition at the moment touch wood, i go for trims every 3 weeks though in between colour.


  7. My sister just got one of my brothers friends (hes a hairdresser) to bleach her hair, iut turned yellow and its FRIED!

    Id never bleach my whole head, just foils and thats damaging enough!!!

    I so want to try this Lee Stafford stuff! But I like in Australia and whatchya know! They dont stock Lee Stafford in Australia! (except for the dry shampoo, which I LOVE)