Awards Tag

9 January 2010

Awards Tag

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend!

I have recently been tagged for 2 very similar award tags so I am going to kill two birds with one stone (ooh that saying is quite horrible, don't you think?!) and do them both at the same time.

First off, the absolutely stunning Sarah tagged me for the Gorgeous Blogger Award. Thank you soo much Sarah! Sarah is one of the most beautiful bloggers around here in the beauty community! And she is such a beautiful person on the inside too.. I am happy to call her a friend!

The rules are...
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award
2. Copy the award and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about myself
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

So here goes!

1. Since being at university, I have changed my degree from Psychology, to French, to Media! Right now, I am in my second year and definitely feel like I made the right choice. Media is a new subject for me, having never studied it before and I am having so much fun with it!

2. I'm hoping to spend my summer in America (California to be specific!), working at a children's summer camp. My application has gone through so I'm just waiting on a camp to hire me! Exciting stuff! Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

3. I've recently had veneers put on my front two teeth, having knocked myself in the mouth with a dog lead (dohh!) when I was 10. I had had them temporarily built up for nearly 10 years so it's abut time my dentist put the veneers on! I feel so lucky having them for free.. they would have cost a tonne if it was done for cosmetic reasons alone!!

4. Um.. I used to have my lip and my nose pierced! Untill I realised it wasn't my 'thing' any more. I guess I grew up a little.

5. I've recently started working at Lush and I'm so proud of myself! It's also my first job that isn't office admin work so I have finally entered the world of retail work.. hopefully I won't still be here when I'm 50 though!! Ha ha

6. I got my first tattoo at 17! 3 music notes on my ankle and I love them so much.. I always get compliments on them too so it always assures me I didn't get tattooed too young.

7. I haven't grown since I was 11.. yup, I'm still 5ft2! Will I ever grow any more? I'm not feeling very hopeful! Ha ha :)

Ok gosh that was harder than I thought it would be.. I guess I'm not very interesting! Lol.

For this gorgeous blogger award I tag:

7 equally gorgeous ladies whose blogs I love reading! :)

The second tag is a 7 Facts Tag/Award that the lovely Jean tagged me for. Thank you for tagging me Jean, I absolutely love your blog! You always have something interesting to say :)

Because I've just done 7 interesting things, I will have to keep these 7 facts short and sweet or I'll run out of things to say! Lol :)

1. I'm an only child.. with two step sisters

2. I have tiny feet! UK Size 3-4

3. My surname is Irish, and not so coincidentally, my great grandad was actually Irish.

4. I've known my best friend since I was 3!

5. My starsign is Cancer.. which I've never liked because it makes me think of crabs and crabbiness... no, I am not a crabby person! Haha!

6. I'm very lucky to have parents who have taken me on holidays all over the world since I was 5! I have seen so many places that not many people my age have, and I feel very lucky!

7. I'm auditioning for Big Brother soon! Some may think I'm crazy.. but it's just something I would love to do!!

So that's it. I won't tag anyone for that tag .. I'll just leave it open and say anyone can do it if they want to!!

Sorry for the huge post .. you are probably sick of hearing stuff about me now eh!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Lydia Xox


  1. aww , if the pretty cool facts. hope you get the job and if the worst happens u could always try another summer camp, but i think u'll do fine :)

  2. Oooh good luck with the BB audition hun!! And my friend actually went to one of those summer camps when she was 14, and was on that programme Bug Juice, if you remember that?!! Lol xxx

  3. Aw thanks for the nomination Lydia!! I hope you get the job in Cali, that sounds like a great job & a great time Xx

  4. Hi Lydia,
    congrats on the awards and your facts are really interesting. Good luck for the summer camp!

  5. Aw Lydia!! Thank you for the kind words- you are the sweetest and most certainly a dear friend :)
    I would love to work for a summer camp too- you will have a ball!!! And I know you will get it easy peasy- how could they not hire you!!!!! Loved reading these facts about you- you are not boring at all Miss. the opposite!!!!!

  6. I cannot believe I didnt even say thankyou! Omg I feel so bad :( lol

    So did you end up going to Cali? I live in Australia, so I have noooo idea when summer is in other parts of the world! But thatll be/that wouldve been a great experience if you did go!

    :) x