Florabundance: November 2009

26 November 2009

What I'm Thankful For..

I'm British so, no, I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving today. However, I wish the UK did because what's not good about taking the time to remember the things you're thankful for?

Today I sat down and got out my notebook and wrote down 5 things I'm thankful for.

1. My mum. It's always been just me and my mum throughout most my life. Yes, she has a long-term partner, but a lot of the time it was just me and her. I never realised untill recently, she has become one of my best friends. Before she annoyed me to infinity, but now that I live away from home it means the times I do see her are positive and happy.

2. My best friend. I'm lucky to have had the same best friend since I was 3. Like two peas in a pod, I would feel like I'd lost an arm if I was without her. Going to different universities is hard but it's made us stronger.

3. My cat. It may sound silly, but you know there's rarely a person you can tell EVERYTHING to? Well my cat knows everything. And she doesn't tell a soul. I miss her the most when I'm away from home, she's my little baby and one of my oldest friends.

4. Health. I'm thankful to be healthy. To be able hear - imagine life without music and chatter? To be able to see - my loved ones and the world. To be able to walk - at this time of year I'm more thankful than ever.. love those walks on crisp winter days. To be able to smell. To be able to touch. To be able to feel.

5. Life. Everyone takes life for granted a lot of the time, me included. I just try to remember "each day is a gift and not a given right."

What are you grateful for?

Lydia xox

Female Inspiration

I saw Victoria do a post about this and thought it was a fabulous idea. I have a tonne of women I find inspirational and iconic.

So I've chosen 3.

First up... (probably no surprise to you) is Fearne Cotton!
What a woman. Not afraid to look silly, not afraid to take chances with fashion, covers herself in tattoos (and doesn't give a toot what anyone thinks about them), awesome taste in music and has worked her way up in the media business all down to hard work.
She is my ultimate role model. She looks fantastic all the time and never looks like she's trying too hard. Fashion comes naturally to her. I love that she's true to herself and that's how everyone should strive to be. Plus - that long blonde mane of hers.. uber jealous!

Second is Scarlett Johansson. She's beautiful, she's curvy, she's blonde and she is beyond classy.
Like a modern day Marilyn Monroe, she reminds us that you don't have to put your body on display to be sexy. This woman just oozes sex appeal.

Finally, Kim Catrall. I hope I'm even half as fantastic as Kim is at fifty. Fun, fearless and confident. Not to mention, absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the SATC women, but Kim is in a league of her own.

I would love to see what women you all find inspiration. Leave me a comment or do your own blog post!

Lydia xox

18 November 2009

EOTD + Recent MAC Purchases

Apologies for being away so long! I've had 2 weeks of being super busy! Assignments for uni, a trip to Liverpool to see Muse, followed by a weekend away to London to see Muse yet again (yes, I am a stupidly crazy fan!) 

Whilst in Liverpool I went to a MAC counter and bought Silver Ring e/s and Crystal e/s. Both are silver type shadows, but Silver Ring has a blue tone to it and Crystal has a lilac tone to it. Both very gorgeous! 

Whilst there I also re-purchased Florabundance lipglass. My favourite (hence the blog name!)

This is an EOTD from a few days ago. I used my new MAC Crystal e/s paired with MAC Shadowy Lady e/s. 
I think it turned out pretty well.. below is the full look.

FOTD: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW20, MAC MSF Natural in Medium, Benefit Coralista Blush, good ol' Vaseline on the lips. Simples!

In other news... I am now a Lush employee! Yay! 
Promise to blog soon - I have lots of hair products to rave about!

Lydia xox

3 November 2009

Curly Hair.. MAC Young Punk & More Halloweenage

Hi everyone.. hope you all had a great Halloween weekend.

First of all, here's a photo of my curly hair! I've never attempted to curl my hair before because I felt my layers were too short. Turns out it curls ok and I love love love it like this!!
I used my GHD's to curl it. (Please excuse my spazzy little hand - don't know what I'm doing with it by there haha)

Secondly.. to the last Halloween party I went to I wore MAC Young Punk on my eyes.. I was desperate to try it out! Worked out very well I thought, I paired it with MAC's Greasepaint Stick (as I'm sure you've seen/heard a million times by now from other people)

Here I am also wearing YSL Rouge Pur in 49 - I am absolutely in love with the bright pink (thanks Sarah! :P )

And here is my final kitty look.  I wore a black dress and lacey tights this time.

Have a great Tuesday - I'm off to tackle the mountain of uni work I've got

Lydia xox